My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am, Maureen Scanlon

Memoir & Biography, Parenting & Relationships, Self-Help & Motivational

Follow the ways of our furry friends and learn to focus on positive thoughts and change habits! Maureen Scanlon is a certified life and spiritual coach and relationship expert with training in cognitive behavioral therapy and NLP techniques. In her book My Dog Is More Enlightened Than I Am, Scanlon offers tips on how to … Read more

WRITE ON!, Graham Sclater

Memoir & Biography

So you want to write a novel, your story, your life, your memoir, autobiography or your family history. WRITE ON! is written by published author and speaker, Graham Sclater. This book will answer many of those questions from development, characterisation, dialogue, research and so much more. Graham Sclater has published seven novels, written numerous film … Read more

This Does Not Leave This House, Julie Coons

Memoir & Biography, Parenting & Relationships

How does a little girl survive an abusive mother, Catholic school, rape, and a near-death experience?  Raised by an abusive, narcissistic mother (who once tried to trick her into having an abortion), Julie Coons was also raped in college by a stranger and later married an abusive man who threatened to kill her if she … Read more

Where To?, Jennifer B. Monahan

Memoir & Biography, Travel & Travel Guide

When Jennifer Monahan announced her intention to leave her well-established career as a business strategy consultant and give up her rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco to do a global walkabout for an undetermined amount of time, her friends and family thought she was insane. But Jennifer was excited about taking the time to truly explore … Read more