Proportional Revenge, David G. Williamsson

Incarcerated, broken but unbowed – she’s ready for her revenge.

Chique, a victim of abuse all her life, has just killed her boss and affair partner in a moment of tortured fury. Covered in his blood in his top-floor office, and with no one else to turn to, Chique finds sanctuary in the promises of American socialite Mary van Ark— her boss’ wife. As a cunning woman fully aware of her predatory husband’s sadistic tendencies, Mary is desperate to avoid political scandal, and adamant on maintaining her facade of wealth and status.

So, she agrees to make the body disappear. But when she proves to be far more calculating and ruthless than her deplorable, dead husband, the bitter cynicism of her betrayal will send Chique into an unstoppable mission for destruction and revenge.

What else has she left to lose?

From tortured youth to a woman in control, PROPORTIONAL REVENGE is a thrilling story of brutal power, relentless retribution and shadowy political intrigue, sure to leave you yearning for more.

Warning: This book has been banned by Amazon as it contains sensitive subject matter. It is intended for adult audiences and includes depictions of incest, explicit and graphic descriptions of mature sexual content, drug and alcohol use, as well as scenes of violence. Reader discretion is advised.
Proportional Revenge is a sensational novel written by the equally superb, David G. Williamsson and is a book that is the definition of a perfect and unique thriller that will haunt you. I admit that I was hooked on this book before I even started to read it; the description of the book managed to intrigue me straight away and ever since reading it I knew I had to get lost in the story of Proportional Revenge. Proportional Revenge is an incredible novel that shocked and thrilled me with its multiple themes and plot avenues and already I would implore you lovely readers to have a read of this book!

Proportional Revenge is a thriller with a twist that will introduce the reader to the star of the novel Chique, a woman who has suffered abuse her whole life and she’s had enough. Chique decides to take power into her own hands and murders her boss in a moment of rage. Covered in his blood and lost as to what to do, help comes from an unlikely person – the boss’s wife Mary van Ark who is well aware of her husband’s behaviors. Mary, seeking to keep face and her wealth decides to help Chique get rid of the body but this is only the beginning of Chique’s tale. Chique soon realizes that the wife is far more ruthless than her husband and it ignites a need for revenge inside Chique and what follows is a shocking and unforgettable tale that shouldn’t be missed! And this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible Proportional Revenge.

The story of Proportional Revenge is a profoundly entertaining one with many profound and shocking themes laced throughout the book. Proportional Revenge is a captivating novel full of powerful themes that are all excellently explored and weaved well together by the phenomenal author, David G. Williamsson who is an incredible and well-accomplished author!

David G. Williamsson is a fascinating author who has managed to transfix and entertain me with his literature. I am impressed by the amount of depth Williamsson has managed to lace throughout his book; Williamsson ensures throughout his book that his readers are entertained and thrilled from beginning to end, and Williamsson does this by weaving twists and turns throughout his book which yes, are incredibly entertaining! As well as this Williamsson flawlessly weaves brilliant characterization and development of his characters that will keep the readers turning the pages from beginning to end.

Proportional Revenge is an extraordinary piece of fiction that will entertain and thrill readers from beginning to end so I, of course, have to award the book five stars! It would be criminal not to. So please book lovers, have a read of this excellent book and get lost in an engrossing, captivating story… you will not regret it!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

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