His Perfect Match for Christmas, Cami Checketts

An elite Navy SEAL with an unusual barrier; a feisty clothing designer in danger. Will their unanticipated love for each other overcome the odds?

Mia Burton, an independent and successful designer and businesswoman, is targeted by a renowned stalker, who’s never failed to kidnap his target. Organizing and buying toys for children in need with her mum like she does every year is sadly the last thing on her mind. She prays that her new bodyguard will be able to keep her safe. When she meets Zeke, she is surprised to discover a warm heart underneath his blindingly tough exterior. She’s never dated any man longer than a week but Zeke intrigues and captivates her like no one ever has.

Captain Zeke Hendrickson is the toughest, most highly-decorated, and experienced warrior on the planet and the only man who can protect Lady Mia Burton from a vicious stalker. There’s only one problem: he can’t tolerate human touch. Yet, when Mia touches him, Zeke is shocked to find that he isn’t repulsed—he likes it.

Will Mia be the one to break through Zeke’s touch barriers? Can Zeke protect Mia and fill the void in her heart this Christmas, or will the stalker take her and ruin their chance at happiness?

His Perfect Match for Christmas is a unique, compelling, and entertaining holiday romance novel that will delight as well as thrill readers for many hours. The story laced between the pages of this book is one that captivated me from the beginning, to be honest even the description of the book fascinated me, so that is why I have to recommend that all of you lovely readers read His Perfect Match for Christmas because I promise that you will not have read anything like it before.

His Perfect Match for Christmas is a book unlike anything I have read before; never before have I read a book with so much pent-up excitement that compelled me to read the fastest I ever have. His Perfect Match for Christmas can only be described as the kind of book that is addictive; it is addictive because you will find yourself always thinking about it when it is not in your hands and you will long to read it and immerse yourself in it thanks to the message at the heart of the story.

His Perfect Match for Christmas is a phenomenal book that will introduce the reader to the two protagonists of the story, Mia Burton and Captain Zeke Hendrickson who find themselves growing closer to each other when Zeke is tasked with protecting Mia from a notorious stalker that is unrelenting in his pursuits. Mia prays that Zeke, a decorated and experienced warrior will be able to keep her safe, and Zeke is up to the task of helping Lady Mia Burton, but there’s a catch… he hates human touch. However, when Mia does touch Zeke he finds himself liking it to his surprise and so begins our story. The reader will follow the pair as they grow closer together against the backdrop of Christmas and what follows is a beautiful and compelling story that shouldn’t be missed!

The story of His Perfect Match for Christmas is sensational, and I applaud the exceptional author Cami Checketts for making her Christmas romance novel stand out amongst the crowded crowd. The fact that the story is so original and unique and incredibly entertaining at the same time shows us that Checketts is a talented wordsmith who knows how to be creative and brazen with her thoughts and think outside of the box. I adore how Checketts took risks with His Perfect Match for Christmas and decided to put a twist on a much-loved genre; this is incredibly hard to do and even harder to pull off, so it is safe for me to write that I adore Checkett’s literature!

The story of His Perfect Match for Christmas is quite simply amazing; amazing however is just one of the words I would use to describe His Perfect Match for Christmas as it is so much more than this. It is an adorable, heart-warming, addictive, and entertaining novel that will have you compelled as well as captivated from the start. I adore romance, but some romance stories can be lackluster thanks to the predictable nature. Checketts’s novel, however, will keep its readers guessing and I challenge you, readers, to guess where the plot goes when you read this excellent book, I would be interested if you were able to guess the outcome correctly!

As His Perfect Match for Christmas is a brilliant, mesmerizing, and thrilling story that will take you on a romance-filled Christmas adventure I, of course, have to award this excellent book five stars! So please, if you are looking to get lost in a romance tale then read this book because you will not regret it!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! Please have a read of the preview and if you find that you have loved what you have read then all you need to do is follow the links below!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

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