Manny the Monster In: Hey Mate be Considerate!, Leonard Loo

Children & Picture Book

A child realizes how inconsiderate he/she was acting by becoming the target of those same actions, courtesy of Manny the Monster. Written and illustrated in the first person, it is the author’s hope that little readers will be able to easily put themselves in the main character’s shoes and discover how to be considerate. Manny … Read more

Spencer the Squirrel Scurries to Share, Leni Porfiri

Children & Picture Book

With the sometimes difficult to understand virtues of sharing, kindness, good manners, consequences, proper behavior, thinking of others, empathy, correcting wrongs, helping others, and friendship, Spencer the Squirrel Scurries To Share offers young minds an excellent and valuable introduction to these concepts and values. The book contains many teachable moments that children ranging in age … Read more