Elvia and the Gift of Passion, Ruthy Ballard

Magic & Sword and Sorcery

An alarming family secret leads an adventurous girl into a world of witch doctors, child-eating lions, and an intragalactic submarine escapade in this delightful middle-grade portal fantasy. Passionate, ten-year-old Elvia Hill is bored with her safe, dishwater dull life with her stiflingly overprotective parents. She knows she was meant for something… more. But the young … Read more

Who Will Accompany You?, Meg Stafford

Memoir & Biography, Parenting & Relationships

Award-winning memoirist Meg Stafford has an adventurous spirit, and this time she takes us along for the ride. When her daughters venture into terra incognita—one of them meditating in the Himalayas and the other negotiating with the Colombian military—Stafford decides to go too. In the process, she reflects on her own lifetime of wanderlust and … Read more