The Brain Drips Yellow, Burn Moor

Thriller & Psychological Thriller

In his debut novel, Burn Moor delivers on his promise to leave his readers’ minds twisted…permanently. Deep within the confines of his sheltered delusion, Bill Butler is a loving father and husband, and a successful corporate executive, but his reality is far different. Bill is estranged from his wife, detached from his daughter, and is … Read more

Cause For Elimination, Marla A. White


Reclaiming her life after a devastating riding accident, equestrian Emily Conners’ world shatters again when she discovers her friend and boss lying in a stall with a smashed skull. Now jobless and with a handsome cop underfoot investigating the case, she’s torn between wanting the killer found and keeping her own secrets safe. Detective Justin … Read more

The Fragrance of a Girl’s World, Donna Kristine Manley

Teen & Young Adult

Because all girls are created equally different! In this book girls will encounter 33 inspiring thoughts of wisdom, tips, and loving advice to uplift and encourage. Girls have different surroundings and challenges. Certain resources might and might not be available to them. The Fragrance of a Girl’s World unleashes facts that girls must realize that they are unique “flowers” … Read more