Fresh Start, Mark Shaiken

A secret family legacy becomes a ticking time bomb … Skyscraper developer, Quincy Witherman, has continued his family’s two-hundred-year practice of hiding assets in Switzerland. Now, needing protection from his creditors, he hires Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer Josephina Jillian Jones – 3J – but fails to disclose the Swiss assets to 3J, his bankers, the IRS, … Read more

Mr. Dalton’s Christmas, Robert A. Valle

Edward Dalton’s life drastically changed on Christmas Eve nine years ago when he and his wife were struck by an out-of-control car. On that night, he lost his partner and his career. Since then, he’s led a solitary life. His job at Macy’s pays the bills, but he’s kept his distance from others, even the … Read more

Break Through The Noise, Mia Reyes

Want to overcome self-doubt? Want elevated confidence and social skills, even if you are often anxious or have an introverted mind? Then keep reading. Whether you’re 17 or 25: If doubt, insecurity, or social anxiety often stop you from being you, it could be limiting your life progress and personal development. It’s totally exhausting. It … Read more