Lying with the Devil: Redemption, Lana Lindemann

Murder & Crime, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Ten years have passed and Detective Steven Bullard still finds himself obsessed with Mary Krowely, a case that had slipped through his fingers and ended tragically. His obsession led him down a destructive path of mental torture; drug abuse; and finally, distrust from his fellow officers. But now something has caught his eye: a pattern … Read more

A Delightful Little Book On Aging, Stephanie Raffelock

Grief & Hardship, Spirituality & Philosophy

All around us, older women flourish in industry, entertainment, and politics. Do they know something that we don’t, or are we all just trying to figure it out? For so many of us, our hearts and minds still feel that we are twenty-something young women who can take on the world. But in our bodies, … Read more