Sanction, William Hunter

Detective & Private Investigator, Espionage & Conspiracy, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

While in England on an unsanctioned assignment, Sean Garrett witnesses the shooting of a distinguished Cambridge professor by elite contract killer David Laurent. With his cover blown, Garrett is on the run from an assassin desperate to erase his tracks, and authorities who believe he is responsible for the murder. Banastre Montjoy, a burned-out head … Read more

The Pain Colony, Shanon Hunt

Espionage & Conspiracy, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Six dead bodies with one disturbing similarity. An illicit genetic experiment. Sometimes science breaks bad. DEA Special Agent Peter Malloy is no stranger to the devastating impact of drugs. So when six bodies turn up with surgical ports in their spines, he’s sure a potent new opioid is the culprit. But when lab tests show … Read more