The Law of Moses, Kwen D. Griffeth

Action & Adventure, Historical Fiction, Western

He Planned For A Simple Life, Until The War Began Samuel Cardiff had a plan. He had recently graduated from the Teachers College and now he was returning home. The first goal completed, his next step was to find a position and then he could get married. He Was a Christian Pacifist With Little Care … Read more

West of Forgotten, Lynda J. Cox

Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Romance, Western

Banished from civilization to the Wyoming Territory, U.S. Marshal Harrison Taylor holds a deed to half the Lazy L. He isn’t sure why his beautiful new partner, Rachel Leonard, doesn’t trust him. He has to convince her he is nothing like the man who abused her and he must earn her trust before the escalating … Read more

Midway, Tell Cotten

Action & Adventure, Novella & Short Story, Western

All Yancy Landon wants is to get married. However, there’s always somebody eager to ruin a good day, and several misfortunes occur before the big event. Throughout the day, Yancy and Cooper get tangled up with a drunk, a rebellious youth, someone looking for revenge, a shy wife, a disgruntled cowman, and a disgraceful husband. … Read more