2017, Tarin Breuner

Civilization & Culture, Literature & Fiction, Poetry & Essay

Between natural disasters, shootings, social division and more, the year 2017 has weighed heavily on the United States. There has been great pain and devastation from the many tragedies but through these disasters there have been hidden victories as well. This book highlights both the good and the bad of the year 2017 through a … Read more

Ready or Not, Karl Larew

Literature & Fiction, Poetry & Essay

This little book is a compilation of poems (including some “prose poems”) composed by the author from 1953 to the present. They range from (it is to be hoped) amusing doggerel to serious reflection. They have been revised over the decades, but remain essentially as originally written. The author is a retired history professor with … Read more

Storyteller: On the Journey of Poetry, David Hamilton

Literature & Fiction, Poetry & Essay

Storyteller is the third collection of stories written in verse by David Hamilton. Each story is told by a historical figure to convey allegory, symbolism and metaphor, with the author as the overarching narrator. The book takes readers on a journey through imaginative worlds where the reader witnesses experiences and meets people they would meet … Read more

Just Because: An Anthology of Meditative Poetry to Soothe the Spirit, Barbara Deraoui

Anthology, Literature & Fiction, Poetry & Essay

A compilation of poetry put together as an anthology that has been written over the years. The majority of the included poetry is meditative in nature in the hopes of evoking a sense of peace and harmony. I view it as a form of artistic expression like painting with words in the hopes of inspiring … Read more

Masculinity Is Our Future, Tim Patten

Poetry & Essay, Religion & Spirtuality

Masculinity has been invalidated and even seen as toxic for over four decades. However, a game-changing revolution is now underway. Inside this book is a ground-breaking, and all-inclusive understanding of what being masculine means. It destroys antiquated feminist stereotypes and demonstrates how manly traits are the world’s gold standard. Based on years of study, hard … Read more