Where Wisteria Grows, E.S. Holmes

Christian Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Romance

Maggie’s dream of opening up a bookstore in the heart of New York City has become a thriving reality. In a world where physical books are becoming obsolete because of electronic books, Maggie has created a haven that captures customers’ hearts and keeps them coming back for more. One of those customers, Braxton Henley, is … Read more

The Eagle and the Child: The Child, S. Khubiar

Action & Adventure, Christian Fiction, Espionage & Conspiracy, Literature & Fiction, Politics, Religion & Spirtuality, Romance

Working for the Mossad was never as dangerous as retiring from it. Shahla is an Israeli asset concealed in her American job, and an injury leads to a new life with a man who restores her body and soul. The forbidden union challenges the couple when Shahla’s Persian Jewish culture clashes with his. The marriage … Read more

Damaged Beyond All Recognition, Alan Felyk

Christian Fiction, Humor & Satire, Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Space Opera

Paul Tomenko is no stranger to the improbable. He became a magazine sweepstakes winner and celebrated counterculture writer by age 19. Now he’s traveling to and from God’s library somewhere outside the Universe to prevent the end of eternity. Because of a DNA flaw, humanity no longer can ascend through the Planes of Existence after … Read more

Chaos In The Blink Of An Eye: The Prequel, Patrick Higgins

Christian Fiction, Dystopian & Post Apocalyptic, Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Space Opera

It was the weekend before Thanksgiving. More than 100,000 fans were jammed inside Michigan Stadium, on their feet, to witness a heated football rivalry that had spanned more than 100 years. As the football was kicked into the snow-filled sky, they were about to get the shock of their lives, as long-foretold Bible prophecy came … Read more

Ezkeel in Cite Soleil, David Thatcher Wilson

Christian Fiction, Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Suspense

The smell was bad enough to curl the hairs in your nose — a combination of hot dust, hot bodies, hot excrement, dead fish, dead animals and dead dreams. Pastè Daniel stood in the pile of debris that had once been his church and shook his head. Merde, he thought. How on earth am I … Read more

To Catch a Butterfly, Crystal Mary Lindsey

Christian Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Romance

Yasmin Dupont` was brought up in a Muslim home from where she makes a carefully planned escape. She is in a race for her very existence – no longer a caterpillar kept captive in the tyrannic household; she has spread her beautiful wings to become a butterfly and fly away from imprisonment. As a new … Read more

Arklight: Operation Nightfall, J.M. Myrick

Action & Adventure, Christian Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Military Fiction

The United States’ most formidable secret unit impacts the past creating a line through history, revealing that God exists independent of time. Seventy-three years after World War II, while on a mission to capture the world’s most wanted terrorist, Arklight’s Spear Team, led by genius historian Navy SEAL Captain John Steadman, discovers a remarkable Nazi … Read more