Murder Unveiled, J.T. Bishop

Truth is the rarest masterpiece. When a killer murders a prominent art dealer following the unveiling of a famous, but cursed, painting, Detectives Daniels and Remalla are assigned to investigate. Thrown into the unfamiliar, high-stakes and often ruthless business of the art world, they’ll call in another detective to assist. Working together, they’ll reveal an … Read more

Lost the Plot, David S. Wisener

How do we make sense of life? What’s our identity? Mixing memoir with theological and philosophical reflections, author David Wisener explores his struggle to understand God’s love and acceptance in his heart and how to find his place in the world when life didn’t go according to plan. Exploring the postmodern critique that we live … Read more

Her: The Flame Tree, Khanh Ha

“Her: The Flame Tree is a beautiful novel, rich with evocations of natural setting in coastal Vietnam; remembered action going back more than a hundred years; and characters both extraordinary and poignantly ordinary, developed by layer upon layer of stories.”—Elizabeth Harris, award judge Her: The Flame Tree is a stunning piece of literature that enthralled, entertained, … Read more

This Isn’t Fine, Taylor Ahlstrom

Jam-packed with charts, graphs, and hilarious memes, This Isn’t Fine is a surprisingly funny and accessible ride through a world on the brink of collapse—and what we can do to survive it. Diving headfirst into finance and energy, culture and ecology, Taylor Ahlstrom transforms the complex systems and histories that underpin our society into relatable … Read more