Caught By Him, Tammy Mannersly


A movie star meets the free-spirted girl-next-door…This sweet 70+ page contemporary romance novella is guaranteed to have you giggling at Brody and Willa’s hilarious meet-cute, investing in their budding romance and cheering them on as they deal with life’s truest adversary – the meddling ex. Blockbuster movie actor, Brody Nash doesn’t quite know what to … Read more

Without Provenance, John and Nancy Petralia

Travel & Travel Guide

Are some of the recently discovered Caravaggio paintings fakes? Could the authors create one that would fool the experts? In their third travel adventure, these bestselling authors go throughout Europe to find the answer while illuminating the dark side of the art world–forgeries. Their investigation, worthy of Agatha Christie, takes them to Italy, Malta, Spain, … Read more

FiNDing Hope, Jocelyn Bystrom

Memoir & Biography

This is the remarkable story of Jocelyn Bystrom’s seven-year struggle against a rare but growing, and largely undiagnosed, involuntary health disorder known as Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), which triggered the author’s daily epileptic-like seizures, cognitive decline, thunderous headaches, and an inability to work, drive, or care properly for herself or her family. In a world … Read more

The Living Stone, MB Mooney


Humanity enslaved by elves. A man haunted by tragedy. REVOLUTION BEGINS.”Game of Thrones meets Narnia!” – 5 star reviewCaleb returns to the land of his birth to begin a revolution against the foreign elven Kingdom of Kryus that rules and oppresses his people. To remind humanity of their worth and lead them to freedom, he … Read more