The Beautiful Ugliness of Being, Joe Maldonado

Poetry & Essay

Joe Maldonado invites readers to embark on a soul-stirring exploration of life’s intricate symphony and the profound beauty that emerges. This poetic exploration culminates in a celebration of our innate capacity for resilience, and uncovers the darkness that resides in the depths of our fears. Through the power of illumination, Maldonado imparts the courage to … Read more

Alaska Deadly, J.L. Askew

Murder & Crime

Memphis private eye Race Warren goes to Alaska to find Ron Billings, a client’s estranged husband. Surviving a deadly encounter with an assassin, Warren realizes someone doesn’t want Billings found. Since the fugitive is key to the mystery, the private eye tracks Billings to a remote arctic village where Warren meets Dr. Mark Dunbar, head … Read more

Deceit of the Soul, Henry Cox

Thriller & Psychological Thriller

A fast-paced thriller filled with mesmerizing characters and settings written in March 2020, unraveling the development of the virus to be known as COVID-19 and the ultimate pandemic – that could have been avoided – and the story that cannot be told. For Colonel Li Huiwei the story never ends. Her intellect has always been … Read more