The Antonine Romans and The Golden Torque, Andrew Boyce

Historical Fiction

AD 144. The Antonine Wall in Western Caledonia, modern day Scotland, has been standing for two years. Centurion Andronicus and Optio Scrivinus have recently been assigned to the Roman Balmuildy Fort and are attempting to improve the men’s fitness and discipline.Soon both the old and the new world collide. The Romans find themselves amongst the … Read more

Sunsets on Catfish Bar, Mary Strand

Mystery & Suspense

“Emotionally complex and deeply involving, this is the story of a woman dealing with impossible challenges—and finding grace and humanity in the journey.” —SUSAN WIGGS, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Liz Tanner has spent her life escaping her traumatic childhood and trying to forget David Carruthers, the first boy she’d ever loved. After learning … Read more

Fair Winds of Deceit, B.R. Wade

Action & Adventure

October 1971. It has been four months since one of the Navy’s most prominent scientists disappeared without a trace. He left behind a top-secret submarine defense project that cannot be completed without him. He must be found. Colt, a highly decorated officer and top Naval Investigative Service (NIS) Internal Affairs investigator, is unlike any other … Read more