Rise of the Unicorn, D. Elliot Woods

African American, Murder & Crime, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Augustus ‘Gus’ Martin is an embattled LAPD negotiator. Months after suffering a significant blow to his career, he’s clawed his way back up only to come face to face with The Unicorn – bank robbers who may in fact be a terrorist group – and who seem dead set on committing the messiest daylight robbery … Read more

Thrill Ride, HJ Furl

Erotica & Sex

Isla McNair fights women for money, no rules, on the dark web. She undergoes invasive treatment to increase her muscle power in preparation for her greatest challenge: a fight, with a man, in a secret lodge beside a remote Scottish tarn. Isla’s personal odyssey, her one-woman fight for survival, has only just begun. Thrill Ride … Read more

Beginning of Arrogance, Bryan Cole


Paladins are nothing but trouble. Stories about paladins are everywhere, noble warriors riding magic steeds into battle against terrible foes. Champions of their gods. Heroes to everyone, except those who already have everything. Paladins are notorious for upsetting the balance of power, to the detriment of any who don’t worship their deity. So when Krell … Read more