Transatlantic Train, Vincent J. Miles


Enoch Train rose from humble beginnings to become one of the most important maritime figures in nineteenth-century Boston: owner of the city’s most successful transatlantic shipping line, and chief patron of its legendary shipbuilder, Donald McKay. In telling Enoch’s story, Transatlantic Train also provides fascinating insights into many of the era’s defining themes and events: … Read more

Impact Zone, B.D. Roy

Coming of Age

Fifteen-year-old Jack McHale has an idyllic life. He surfs daily off Newport Beach, where he lives in a comfortable home with his career-driven parents and his two brothers. A dreamer and a writer, it’s their shared passion for music that draws Jack closest to his father. In ’89, when his parents split up, it’s Jack … Read more

The Miracle at Assisi Hill, Pat Camalliere

Mystery & Suspense

Personal struggle…Mystery and mysterious places…Friendship…Miracles… And, above all, a love story.Emotionally scarred after battling cancer, amateur historian Cora Tozzi is troubled by religious doubts. She immerses herself in the life of a convent in her home town, Lemont, Illinois, agreeing to coauthor a book about the history of the religious order. Soon she discovers her … Read more