Ruby, Cathy Coburn

Horror & Occult

Meet Ruby Rose Parker, but whatever you do, if she comes to your door, don’t let her in. Patricia Cummings’ life is perfect. After returning from her honeymoon in Hawaii she thinks everything will be wonderful from that point forward. She couldn’t be farther from the truth. Her blissful atmosphere is shattered the moment she … Read more

Freak Bloodline, Tamara Holub

Science Fiction & Space Opera

At its heart, Freak Bloodline is an interstellar romance set in a hypnotic alien world. Three misfits—a psychic woman, an alien-human hybrid, and a cyborg—navigate a love triangle and the possibility of an interplanetary war. Jaynie Parker, an artist and young entrepreneur by day, struggles to control her psychic ability. When her mind-blowing visions warn … Read more

A Wife in Bangkok, Iris Mitlin Lav


When Crystal’s husband, Brian, suddenly announces that his company is sending him to manage its Bangkok office and that he expects her and their children to come along, she reluctantly acquiesces. She doesn’t want to leave the job she loves and everything familiar in their small Oklahoma town; it’s 1975, however, and Crystal, a woman … Read more

Brave Wise Woman, Jen Legaspi

Family Saga

Are you wanting more for yourself or maybe wonder why you make the choices that you do? Are you ready to try a different approach and make some powerful, yet simple changes to improve your life? Whether you’re dating, in a relationship, or are simply interested in personal development to become a better version of yourself, these easy-to-read … Read more