Shadows and Relics, L.L. Gray


A dark ritual. Werewolves on my trail. A single chance to uncover the truth… Cameron Blaze is my name, living on the edge is my game. Acquiring an ancient artifact? Sure, I like old stuff. Procuring a precious? I’ve got some sticky fingers right here. I will do pretty much anything to make rent and … Read more

The Alas League, Christian-Eric Falardeau

Science Fiction & Space Opera

The Alas League is an entertaining humorous series made up of episodes ranging from 80 to 140 pages each. Brief “interlude” short stories are inserted between instalments, adding increasingly funny new angles to the new Worlds they live in. Episode 1: Purgatory In the small village of Verminus lives Mayor Monica Boisse, her son Peter, … Read more

Glue, Anh Dao Pham

Business & Finance

An Essential Guide to Get Stuff Done How many books have you read on project management? On leadership? Too many, right? But no other book combines the practice of project management and leadership into one balanced approach with practical examples—except this book. You don’t even need Project Manager in your title to employ the lessons … Read more