A Marriage to Die For, Gerri LeClerc

Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Jane Phelan knows the odds. Women who leave don’t always survive. The day Jane wins a prestigious award at work, her husband’s psychological abuse escalates to physical violence. He’s always threatened vengeance if she ever were to leave him. Despite his exceptional resources to find her as a DEA agent, Jane knows she must risk … Read more

The Fallacy of Materialism, Steven L. Richheimer

Religion & Spirtuality, Science Fiction & Space Opera, Spirituality & Philosophy

For people today, materialism is the most common lens through which they view reality. This is despite the fact that there is overwhelming scientific evidence that disproves this morbid worldview.The evidence includes the important part that consciousness plays in how we perceive and experience reality; the “observation problem” and nonlocality of the quantum realm; the … Read more