Trine Rising, C.K. Donnelly

Coming of Age

Not all gifts are blessings…Sixteen-summer-old Mirana Pinal is one of the few to have ever possessed all three magical powers of the Aspects. She has terrifying visions, however, that if she wields her powers, her homeland of Kinderra will be destroyed—through her. Desperate to keep her dark fate from unfolding, she tells no one about … Read more

The Viscount Without Virtue, Katherine Grant

Historical Romance

Maximilian Hainsworth, Viscount Berwick, is on a mission: to write a scathing expose of England’s most famous country estate, Northfield Hall. While much of England praises Northfield Hall for its egalitarian economy and boycott of foreign imports, Max knows that the Preston family must have an alternative hidden income to explain Northfield’s prosperity. Max is … Read more

Life Happens, Sarah Catherine Knights


In this story, set in modern Cyprus, we follow the lives of three women: Rachel, Grace and Jen. Three lives connected since the eighties; three husbands, three love stories … three secrets and one momentous holiday, that changes them all forever. In the magical island setting, the past and the present collides, with devastating consequences. … Read more

Sandstorm, Samantha Mattocks

Coming of Age

Lovable rogue, and top Arabian horse trainer, Arjan Vermeulen seems to have it all. He lives in a grand three-hundred-year-old house set in fifty acres, runs a famed training centre for Arabian horses, and for eight years has been dating beautiful fellow trainer Rin Risley. They make a glamorous and successful couple. Sienna Stevens is … Read more