Moss, Joe Pace


Isaiah Moss was one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century. His illegitimate son Oscar Kendall wasn’t. Living in Isaiah’s inescapable shadow, Oscar has become an inveterate quitter who hides his own literary work from the world rather than suffer the pain of failure or rejection. When Isaiah suddenly dies, Oscar inherits the … Read more

The Girl in Duluth, Sigrid Brown

Detective & Private Investigator

When 18-year-old June Bergeron’s mother goes missing, June fears the disappearance could be connected to the unsolved murders of several women found in the woods near Duluth, Minnesota. As she investigates, she is pulled into an ugly and dangerous world of exploitation and abuse, and she discovers that everyone around her has been keeping secrets. … Read more

The Cosmic Journey, Stefano Stracuzzi

Self-Help & Motivational

‘The Cosmic Journey’ is meant to be an inspiring presentation of astrological thought. The text focuses upon the collective and individual influences of outer planetary cycles. In-depth analysis of their archetypal and cyclical features explains how these usher us beyond the physical realm, into the metaphysical continuum. The book addresses both experienced astrologers and passionate … Read more

Just Like Daddy, Meredith Johnson

Children & Picture Book

A classically imaginative story that captures the relationship between fathers and sons through a series of exciting adventures. Features brightly colored illustrations that will transfer you into Ethan and Tyler’s imaginative world. With moments of heartfelt lessons in strength, bravery, and determination Just Like Daddy is the perfect story to connect fathers and sons. Ethan … Read more