The Flower Of Fulfillment, Sanath Kumar Naibhi

Like how scientists are trying to find are working on a unified theory that can hold the equations of Newtonian physics as well as quantum mechanics, etc, Sanath Kumar Naibhi through his book wanted to connect various self-help, Life philosophies, and concepts related to personal development. And I think that’s what this book will be … Read more

Dead Cereus, Kira Seamon

Holy holly berries! Holly Jackson creates shenanigans on the Olympic level. This mischievous charmer has found herself in many strange messes, but this one takes the carrot cake! When the rare night-blooming cereus plant is scheduled to open its petals at Shellesby College’s Night Lights Gala, Holly is there-and so is a killer. Events unfold … Read more

Hidden From Our Eyes, James A Fisher

AN AMERICA THAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN. From the beginning, Hidden From Our Eyes pulls you into a different North America where European colonization never happened and Native Americans thrive. This alternative history work of speculative fiction thrusts you into a fascinating ‘What If’ world from the viewpoint of an eighteen-year-old American. In 1976, Tom Hathaway … Read more