Shield of the Palidine, Barbara T. Cerny


Accidently discovering a portal between Earth and Amorgos, Pierre and Elise find themselves surrounded by frightful creatures from beyond their imagination. Princess Elise d’Orleans, niece to King Louis XIII, is a spoiled brat used to having everyone cater to her every need. She hates Amorgos, hates the races of people populating Amorgos, and hates the … Read more

The Herd: Volume 1 Omnibus, Ryan Poirier


Maple City is in chaos with its citizens obtaining strange and uncontrollable powers after drinking Foxy Fruits new juice. Since Professor Doctor Monkey-Shine accidentally contaminated the juice with The Pack’s super serum and has now gone missing; The Pack rushes ahead with their backup plans. Meanwhile, Fox and the gang have also gained new abilities. … Read more