Destiny, G.P. Gadbois


On stage, Wendy Fraser can pretend her life is as delightful as her music. While performing at a bar in Hull, she finds her husband in the arms of another woman and realizes not all men are marriage material. Fed up, she finds the courage to leave her abusive husband.Kyle Reid believes there is a … Read more

Fragments, Chris Wright

Science Fiction & Space Opera

Brandon started his day as normal, but suddenly, without warning, everything changed. The world around him began to dissolve away, threatening to dissolve him with it. All he can do is run to try and stay alive, a futile effort, until Danny calls him. How does Danny know what he knows? Who is the mysterious ‘Auton’? Why are Brandon and his … Read more

Brutus Nation 2, Kris Kyzer

Murder & Crime

Welcome back for another wild ride thru the slime & grime of the Athenian Union, where greed, corruption, and betrayal reign supreme and numerous other unpleasantries lurk behind the next corner. A freshly released convict doing the AUIM’s bidding. A banker backing the score of the century. A drug lord hellbent on going legit. A race driver seemingly … Read more