Simon’s Tree Party, Stephen G. Bowling

Children & Picture Book

He’s inviting everyone to his house. But will anyone come? Simon Invites his barnyard friends to his birdhouse for lunch. He asks the goose, the cow, the pig….and soon discovers he has a BIG problem. Will anyone come? Can Mother Bird help? If you and your child enjoy heartwarming beautifully illustrated children’s picture books, with … Read more

Exit 8, John Bragg

Historical Fiction

Construction of the nation’s massive Interstate Highway System is underway, heading north, tearing through the bucolic Connecticut River Valley. Unstoppable. In its path, sits the small Vermont hill farm that Roland Tuttle’s ancestors settled generations ago, where Roland has spent his entire life—caring for his animals, plowing with his team of horses, harvesting by hand, … Read more

How to Save the World: Find a Smallisall, Ron Roecker

Baby & Toddler

You’re probably wondering why every monkey, mouse, dog, dolphin, lioness, lizard, kitten, koala, penguin, peacock, panda, pig, bunny, bear, bee, alligator, ant, aardvark and every other creature around the globe disappeared today. Well, that’s not even the most awesome part of our story! I mean, how much could you take if you’re always being told … Read more