Homecoming – The Unari Experiment Book 1, Brian Harad

Science Fiction & Space Opera

Drowning in a sea of scandal, U.S. President Harry Drummond is thrown an unexpected lifeline—a proposal for a trade agreement from not one but two alien species, the Thunerians and Unarians. All they want is the son of Unari’s Queen, left behind during a visit 55 years ago to save his life. Genetically disguised as … Read more

A Relative Invasion: The Trilogy, Rosalind Minett

Historical Fiction

In this coming-of-age wartime trilogy, the relationship between two young cousins mirrors the emotions that led Hitler to power: the desire for territory and dominance.1937 London. With WWII on the horizon, the Wilson cousins meet and trouble begins. Well-meaning Billy is no match for talented but devious Kenneth, who begins his invasion of Billy’s life. … Read more