Inherent Truth, Alicia Anthony

Thriller & Psychological Thriller

When Liv Sullivan’s grandmother beckons for help from beyond the grave, the reluctant psychic returns to her small Ohio hometown. Scrambling to make sense of the clues left by the vision, Liv finds herself face to face with undercover agent, Ridge McCaffrey. Assigned to protect a woman whose gifts unnerve him, for a covert psychic … Read more

Because of Adam, Sara Celi


My life is in shambles. I don’t recognize it. For a long time, I lived the good life in Palm Beach, and boy did I enjoy it. I spent my time attending parties, raising money for charity, taking front-row seats at fashion shows, and vacationing in the world’s most glamorous places while I waited for … Read more

Beyond ‘Ah-Ha’: 52 Powerful Ways to Start Challenging Life’s Rules, Bronwen A. Sciortino


What if you could easily access the answers to your biggest questions? It’s time to put aside the things you’ve been told are right for you and step into a world where your direction comes from a powerful connection with your own soul. In ‘Beyond Ah-Ha’, Simplicity Expert Bronwen Sciortino hands you the tools to … Read more