The Falcon Diaries: An American in Jordan, Emily Lodge

History, Memoir & Biography

An American writer joins her husband, a contractor/consultant working in Iraq, to live in Amman, Jordan, and keeps a diary of day-to-day events. Out of this emerge so many stories of the pain and frustration of a forgotten world dating from a half-century earlier—the Palestinians who fled Israel in the ’48 and ’67 wars. In … Read more

Life in a Box, JoDee Neathery

Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

How much would you sacrifice to hide a secret? The answer reveals itself as Andee Camp, after inheriting a box of old photographs and journals, accepts a challenge from her mother to write a novel based on their family. What evolves is not only the fulfillment of a dream, but the reality of her relationship … Read more

Blood Upon the Sands, Sheldon Charles

Espionage & Conspiracy

Against the bloody backdrop of a country simmering with racial tension, friendships are tested, beliefs are tried, and the prejudices of years are challenged …Unaware of the inner turmoil of Kuwait, Evan Davis enters as an employee of Al Hakim, a benevolent Kuwaiti horse-breeder, hired to change the country’s perception on the world’s stage.But all … Read more

The Sirens of Oak Creek, Robert Louis DeMayo

Fantasy, Myth's & Legends

A hidden, sacred canyon. Eight women. Twelve centuries. And a mystical song that connects it all. This is the layout of Robert DeMayo’s new novel, “The Sirens of Oak Creek”, a gripping tale that intertwines local myths with historical facts and the author’s vibrant imagination. The story is also about the different people who passed … Read more

The Lion’s Wisdom: A Channeled Text Toward Awakening Human Consciousness, Uma Shankari

Spirituality & Philosophy

In this channeled text, a wise lion, distraught by the condition of the world and its people, tutors a human student about the part we all play in creating and preserving balance and harmony on Mother Earth. An exploration of the true nature of the soul and spirituality. The Lion’s Wisdom will move you to see the … Read more