The Eyes of Death, Donald L. Vasicek

Fantasy, Supernatural & Paranormal, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

When Hannah Powers sustains a head injury, her prom queen world turns from white to black. During her best friend, Emily’s funeral, she sees a white-gray ghost image radiating around Emily’s casket, but no outline around Emily. This convinces Hannah that she is brain damaged even though her neuropsychologist tells her she is not. Then, … Read more

Stronger Than The Mountain, Michael Bozzo Jr.

Children & Picture Book, Middle Grade

Ever since she could remember, Little Boz hoped to explore and climb mountains all over the world. Her thoughts… her dreams… her whole life was focused on nothing but the mountains. She loved reading stories of great adventurers who would stop at nothing until they reached the highest mountain tops. This is her story! Stronger … Read more