The Missing Alchemist, Caldric Blackwell

Fantasy, Magic & Sword and Sorcery, Middle Grade

Having grown up in an orphanage, Craig Pike appreciates his comfortable life as a student of Cornelius, a famous alchemist. But when Cornelius is kidnapped, Craig leaves comfort behind to search for him. Craig teams up with Audrey Clife, a clever archer, and together they travel across mysterious lands and battle otherworldly creatures. Their journey … Read more

Brazen Desires, J Saltwick


A scintillating, fast-paced, winner-take-all confrontation between a fifth-generation rancher and a dashing, charismatic rogue out to get whatever he wants. Kate Clark was content with life on her Montana ranch, until she met billionaire playboy Jarrett Sinclair, a meeting that forever changed her life. Following in her father’s footsteps, Kate wrangled cattle, bulldogged steers, and … Read more

Scapegoat, Stuart Champion

Espionage & Conspiracy, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

When Branigan’s face was plastered across the front page of the newspapers he might have lost his job in the Secret Intelligence Service, but not his ability to disappear undercover.Asked by Chloe Travers’ parents to look for their missing daughter who has written her version of his story, Branigan finds his world turned upside down.Chloe’s … Read more

The Uncommitted, Margaret M. Goss

Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Josephine Reilly is a typical young mother, striving to do what is best for her family in the suburbs of St. Paul, Minnesota. Declan, her ambitious and talented husband, has a thriving career as a corporate lawyer. On the surface, life could not appear more perfect.Yet, Josie has an unrealized gift, one that has haunted … Read more