The Positively True Tale of George the Beluga Whale (Dog), Jax Malcolm

Children & Picture Book

The Positively True Tale of George the Beluga Whale (Dog) is based on author Jax Malcolms real-life experience with his toy puppy George. It is a heartwarming story about George learning the valuable lesson that there is nothing better than being who you are. The Positively True Tale of George the Beluga Whale (Dog) is … Read more

Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries, Jenni Barnett


Rex Graham, a part-Aboriginal student of anthropology, is searching for his own indigenous ancestral history: customs, language and dreamtime legends. Due to a lifetime bond to his Aboriginal grandmother, he is enlightened after her passing, when he discoverers the key to his lost people’s history and traditional history: preserved in artwork bequeathed to him on … Read more

The God Particle Conspiracy, Don Phelan


World-renowned astrophysicist, Dr. John Logan, and his protégé, Sarah Carmichael, have witnessed events which defy the laws of physics. Logan believes the gravitational anomalies are caused by man’s tinkering with the Higgs Boson Particle–the God Particle. Logan discovers that the anomalies are a byproduct of a scheme by corrupt politicians to hold the global economy … Read more

Patti Negri, Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Use Your Inner Magick to Solve Problems and Create a Happy Life Empower yourself and create the life you want with this simple and easy “how to” book of Magick. Sharing her specialty of adjusting energy and flow, in people, spaces and situations Patti shows you how to work with natures elements and create simple 30 … Read more