About Me

About Me

Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting my website Red Headed Book Lover! You probably found yourself here because you would like to know more about the ‘Red Headed Book Lover,’ and if you do then you are in the right place! My name is Aimee, and I created Red Headed Book Lover so that I could share reviews for books I have loved with fellow book lovers as well as help authors showcase their work. 

Creating Red Headed Book Lover was the greatest decision I have ever made because along the way I have met so many book lovers as well as worked with authors all over the world which has been such a wonderful experience! I adore meeting book lovers and authors and love learning more about both and so I, in turn, am going to share more about me so you can get to know me better! However, I will try not to bore you with the details of my life so I will try to keep this short and sweet.

All you really need to know about me is that my name is Aimee, I am book obsessed, I am married to the most incredible, perfect (and handsome!) man who is a United States Marine. I could not be more proud of my husband and his service, and I am 100% a proud and supportive military wife! I am a mother too and I love my family more than anything in the world.

My interests, of course, include reading and reviewing… lots of it! Ever since I was a young girl I have been book obsessed and whenever I have the chance to, I pick up a book and get lost in it! As well as loving to read and review, I also adore learning, whether it is about history, science and just about anything that fascinates me. I also am a huge tv/movie buff and love binge-watching tv shows! Some of my favorites have to be Game of Thrones (yesss I have read the books and LOVED them!), Black Mirror, Better Call Saul and countless more! However most of all my biggest passion and favorite thing to do of all is to spend time with my beautiful family and I never take a day for granted. 

Now that is a little about me! However if you want to chat or just want to know more about me! Then you can always follow my private Instagram account which is @redheadedbookloverblog . I adore meeting fellow book lovers as well as meeting authors so come bye and say hi! I would love to hear from you. 

For a long time I have been asked questions by readers as well as authors, and so I have created a list below which answers the most frequently asked questions so here are my answers book lovers and authors!

Why are all of your reviews so positive?!

This is a question I get asked frequently and one I actually love to answer. As I am sure you can tell by now I am a very positive person and hate negativity. That is why I have chosen only to post reviews of books I genuinely love and have given four of five stars too. I, of course, have read many books (probably too many!) that are not so great; however, I do not see the point in me reviewing the book. I do not think it is necessary as I would have to spend time writing a review, editing it, posting it and so on and the review would just consist of why I disliked the book. I personally do not feel that this is wise, but it is also not kind to the author. Authors work really hard to ensure they produce a great book and sometimes they won’t succeed; however, I do not feel their name should be trashed for this. I do believe in private, constructive criticism if asked for however; I do not believe in sharing negative reviews online. Besides! I like to keep my website a happy, optimistic and lively place where book lovers can unite, so only positivity is allowed!

Will you review my book?

This is a question I get asked a lot and the short answer is yes, if I feel that I would enjoy and love your book and other readers will too then I would love to review it. Reading is my passion, and I love the art of literature and the written word, and I love reviewing just as much as I loved reading. That is why I adore reviewing books for authors, whether the author is self-published or traditionally published.

On my website, I have a strong focus on making sure that self-published novels are reviewed, and that is why 98% of my reviews are for self-published books. I truly respect self-published authors and think that many indie authors are incredible however many big-name publishers will not give them a chance which makes me sad. This is actually one of the many reasons why I created Red Headed Book Lover so that I could share indie books with readers as many traditional forms of media/advertising do not give indie authors the opportunity. So if you are an indie author or a published author, I would love to hear from you and learn more about your book, so please email me on one of the many contact forms on my page as I would love to hear from you!

My About Me page is dedicated mostly to me on a personal level however if you are interested in a review, please do visit my services page here: Services, as well as my Testimonials page here: Testimonials so you can learn more about what I do. 

Disclaimer* All services on my website are paid for; my website is a paid reviewing service and more information about this can be found on my Services page as well as my Terms of Service page which are both linked.

Who designed your website?

Surprisingly this is a frequently asked question, and I always love sharing who did design my website as his work is excellent! I should mention at this point that I am in no way an affiliate of this web developer/designer, I received no free work, have no affiliate ties and have not been told to share this information, I just genuinely love his website design.

My website designer is Mike at MB-Sites, and he builds customized websites for users of WordPress. What I love about Mike’s service is that he listens to everything you would like, even down to the most delicate details and provides exactly what you want/envisioned. I confess book lovers that I messaged poor Mike so many times about little things I would like, and he has done everything I wanted and was patient along the way which is professional and a service I am happy to pay for. If you are interested in finding a web designer/developer then his website is: MB-Sites and his email is: Just to clarify again book lovers and authors these are not affiliate links and I have no marketing affiliation with MB-Sites; just love the service!

Final Thoughts

There you have it book lovers, some of my most frequently asked questions! There are many more common questions however I feel that this page is already very long so do not want to bore you book lovers and authors for much longer!

Thank you once again for stopping by my website and reading! I truly do appreciate it. If you would like to get in touch, please do as I would love to hear from you, I love meeting new people and would love to meet you lovely readers and authors here, or on my Instagram @redheadedbookloverblog so I look forward to hearing from some of you! Thank you again for stopping by!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

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Hey, thank you for following Indifferent Ignorance, I really appreciate it. 🙂 I love Greek mythology and classics too, but aside from Rick Riordan’s series and ‘The Song of Achilles’ I don’t know that many contemporary classics novels – do you have any suggestions?

Best of luck with your blog!


That sounds really interesting, I will add it to my (never ending) to-read list. Thank you! I’ve read some great retellings online, but they’re usually Tumblr cartoons or something, not actual novels… there’s definitely a gap in the market. 🙂

Reality Through Poetry

I understand your desire for privacy and to keep pictures of you and your family away from social media.

Thanks to your husband and family for your service. Without the armed services, great countries could never exist.


Abhijeet Deshpande

I admire the work that you do and the way you present it! And so, I just nominated you for a blogger recognition award!
Here, please take a look:

Abhijeet Deshpande

Thank you for stopping by my website! The Instagram and Twitter accounts are identical – @backpackertag



Thank you so much for your like! I am so glad that you stopped by. Check out some of my posts when you have time. Looking forward to reading your bolg.


Yes, I do have a Instagram account. Here’s the link.


Thanks for the like and the follow! Your blog looks really cool!


Thank you!! WordPress is about as much social media presence as I have energy and time for, but I greatly appreciate the offer (:


Hi! Thanks for following my blog. 😃💙


Sadly, I dont have instagram or twitter account. I’m not yet ready to manage a bookstagram account but I’m planning to. Maybe before this year ends? I need to find some determination and courage first. You are so kind. Thank you! Your blog is amazing! Cant wait to have a blog as amazing as yours! 😄💙


I admire your aim to post reviews daily!


Hi, thanks for the follow. I see that you like historical stories. Too bad my books are related to fantasy (time travel, magic and fairy). 🙁 I doubt they’ll interest you. I’m a huge fan of fantasy and dislike historical stories. Nonetheless, I really appreciate your visit. 😀 Thank you!