Poetic Meditations for the Evolutionary Journey, Anjali Soi

Learn or meditate on the meaning of the zodiac from Aries to Pisces through astrology-themed poetry. Evolutionary Astrology focuses on Pluto, the Soul, and the path of evolution, embodied by the meaning of Scorpio and the 8th house. Pluto is the Soul’s Unconscious desires and the Plutonian theme of birth, death and transformation is alive throughout the zodiacal journey.

These are the same meditations in Poetic Meditations for the Astrological Journey – Adult Coloring Book.

Poetic Meditations for the Evolutionary Journey is an incredible and unforgettable unique poetry book that will captivate as well as move its readers with its incredibly captivating verses! The book is one that hooked me from the beginning and I found that I was instantly compelled as well as intrigued from the start and I believe all readers will feel this!

Poetic Meditations for the Evolutionary Journey is a moving, captivating, and memorable collection of thought-provoking verses that will take its readers on a captivating journey from start to finish. Poetic Meditations for the Evolutionary Journey is a sensational and unique book that captured my attention and kept it throughout. Poetic Meditations for the Evolutionary Journey is a unique book as it is an astrology-themed poetry book and these are rare to come by! What is even rarer is to find one of this nature, but one that is also entertaining! Poetic Meditations for the Evolutionary Journey is just this, it is an incredible astrology-based poetry book that will give you the ability to mediate and learn the meaning of the Zodiac through the astrological signs. It makes for a moving and incredible mediative book that shouldn’t be missed and this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible Poetic Meditations for the Evolutionary Journey!

The verses laced throughout Poetic Meditations for the Evolutionary Journey captivated me from the first page thanks to the book’s sharp poems and powerful moments. The reader will be thrust into Anjali Soi’s poems with ease and I adored this approach courtesy of the talented author Anjali Soi! Soi is a writer who knows how to capture her reader’s attention with her beautiful and captivating approach. As I read Poetic Meditations for the Evolutionary Journey, I did so in a frenzy because the verses were incredibly addictive, so much so that the reader will race through the book and find it difficult to put the book down!

Anjali Soi is not only a phenomenal writer for her flawless ability to capture her reader’s attention, but she is also a great writer for her descriptive and beautiful verses which will hook her readers. As Poetic Meditations for the Evolutionary Journey is a sensational, compelling as well as a moving collection of verses that will provoke your thoughts as well as entertain and move you, I have no choice but to award this stellar read five stars! Be sure to have a read of the preview book lovers and be hooked!

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