Heroes, Villains, and Healing, Kenneth Rogers Jr

1 in 6 males will be sexually abused in their lifetime. This fact is often ignored or not believed.

Heroes, Villains, and Healing is a guide to help male survivors of childhood sexual abuse understand and heal from the trauma of their past using DC Comic Book superheroes and villains.

This helpful book is divided into three parts. The first is “Heroes,” which explains how some coping strategies of male survivors are similar to the archetypes of such DC superheroes as Superman, Batman, and the Flash.

The second part, “Villains,” examines how other coping strategies may not be as positive, having traits and attitudes of villains such as Lex Luthor and the Joker.

“Healing” is the final part, which explains how striving to live the life of a hero or a villain can be sustainable. To truly heal from childhood sexual abuse means working through the stages of healing and receiving help from a therapist or counselor. This final section includes writing exercises and examples that help male survivors know they are not alone, as they come to terms with their abuse and heal from past trauma.

The book was written to help male survivors open up about their abuse, seek help, and stop suppressing their trauma through drug and alcohol abuse, or suicide.

Heroes, Villains, and Healing is a moving, poignant, and inspiring book courtesy of the author Kenneth Rogers Jr, who throughout his book helps readers overcome abuse and heal from trauma. The journey the reader is taken on is emotional, sometimes upsetting, but it is an inspiring book above all that will move and touch its readers from start to finish. Heroes, Villains, and Healing is a unique book because it is a self-help guide that uses DC Comic Book superheroes and villains to heal and this idea is genius but also very helpful, and you will see why if you read the incredible Heroes, Villains, and Healing.

Heroes, Villains, and Healing is an enlightening, honest, and incredible self-help book courtesy of an exceptional man. 1 in 6 males will experience sexual abuse in their lifetime and from this comes great upset and trauma, and that is why the author, Kenneth Rogers Jr, a survivor of abuse himself, has written his book to help those that have been survivors of abuse. The book is divided into three sections, heroes, villains and healing, and each section will be helpful as well as eye-opening. The first section heroes will explore coping strategies, and these will be explored through DC superheroes. The second Villians explores how not all coping strategies are positive, and again, this is explored by villains such as the Joker which I thought was genius. And finally the third section titled healing, will help readers heal with writing exercises, fellow stories from survivors and so much more and this book lovers is the premise of the incredible Heroes, Villains, and Healing!

Kenneth Rogers Jr is an incredible man for many reasons, but one of the reasons he is so wonderful is because he has written this book that will help readers overcome abuse and look toward the future. It is hard for anybody to tell their story so the fact that Kenneth has written his book to help others is truly incredible and should not be missed.

Kenneth is not only a phenomenal man for his wealth of knowledge and wisdom laced throughout the book, but he also is for his exceptional literature that flows beautifully throughout. Sadly many self-help books are not written well, but we do not have that issue with Kenneth’s book. From the start, Kenneth managed to captivate me and compel me to turn the pages with haste. Kenneth is also a passionate writer who is clearly dedicated to helping his readers and bettering peoples lives, and this will be evident to the reader from beginning to end.

Overall Heroes, Villains, and Healing is an incredibly inspirational and helpful book that is beautifully written and will help many readers. As Heroes, Villains, and Healing is one of the most inspirational and helpful books I have ever read, I have no choice but to award this incredible book a dazzling five stars as it truly deserves it!

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