Candy Man, Roy Clinton

Ripped-from-the-headlines of 1874, little Charley Ross was abducted in front of his home in Philadelphia. It was the first kidnapping for ransom in the United States. This historical event is central to this Midnight Marauder adventure.

John Crudder is once again summoned to Washington DC by the President. He is commissioned as a special agent to the president to find the kidnapped boy. The Midnight Marauder’s help is needed to solve the kidnapping and hopefully recover the boy.

Roy Clinton brings us, adventurous readers, the seventh outstanding installment of A Midnight Marauder Adventures, Candy Man. Closely following the United States first kidnapping for ransom case, Candy Man by Roy Clinton ties our stomachs in knots as the president calls on the Midnight Marauder to hopefully return the boy safely to his fearful family! John Crudder is a remarkable western hero, following the trail for what is right and just, we are drawn into the investigation and the harrowing ordeal the Ross family suffered. Candy Man A Midnight Marauder Adventure by Roy Clinton is a sensational novel that will have any reader trembling with excitement to see if John Crudder, the Midnight Marauder, can solve the case in time to save a stolen child!

Requested to come back to Washington D.C., John Crudder becomes a special agent at the behest of the President of the United States of America when a young boy is kidnapped in Philadelphia. Once again the Midnight Marauder is needed to unfurl the case with a ransom on the table in exchange for Charles Ross. Charles Ross was taken from his home while playing in front of his home in 1874. Straight from the papers in 1874, a case that shocked a nation as the first abduction for ransom in U.S. history, the Midnight Marauder hopes to safely recover the boy and solve the case before it’s too late!

Candy Man A Midnight Marauder Adventure by Roy Clinton is an exciting historical western novel. A thrilling retelling, Candy Man, reminds us, fervent readers, why you should never take candy from a stranger! I was intrigued by how closely Roy Clinton’s Candy Man follows the details of Charles Ross’s abduction from his Philadelphia front yard in 1874. I had chills running down my spine the entire time I read Candy Man by Roy Clinton. You don’t need children of your own to understand the horror of having your child taken from your own front yard. As human beings, we have a visceral instinct to protect our young. Candy Man A Midnight Marauder Adventure by Roy Clinton stokes the flame we feel deep within when a child is in danger, the drive to remove them from harm’s way in a riveting noel opulent with emotion and trepidation!

Roy Clinton brings the past back to glorious life in his Midnight Marauder series! From the very first page, Roy Clinton draws us, beloved readers, in with his uniquely engaging storytelling. Infusing the urgency and facts of the real-life 1874 case into the marrow of Candy Man A Midnight Marauder Adventure narrative which pulls us back in time! Roy Clinton is a fantastically talented historical fiction author, detailing the past with such an intensity to perpetuate the facts into the foundation of the novel, we are afforded an opportunity to experience history for ourselves as it plays out before our very eyes! Roy Clinton has quickly risen among my favored authors in the shelves of different worlds and times I cherish so fondly. Roy Clinton is an author, unlike any other whose work will ensnare any reader an leave them satiated from the robust tales he has to tell!

Candy Man A Midnight Marauder Adventure by Roy Clinton is an exciting western novel until the shocking end! I found myself unable to tear my eyes away from the compelling pages, thrilled by every breathtaking twist and turn Roy Clinton’s Candy Man takes us on! Unlike many historical fiction novels that loosely base themselves in history, Roy Clinton takes great care to preserve the details of the case of abduction for ransom while John Crudder leads the investigation, which in part is what makes Candy Man A Midnight Marauder Adventure so engaging! I truly could feel the authenticity that oozes from the pages as I became wholeheartedly invested in the characters and their outcome, vehemently praying for that happy ending! With assurity and great delight, I unequivocally and passionately award Candy Man A Midnight Marauder Adventure by Roy Clinton five stars!

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