Unwanted, Linda Smith

Linda Smith grew up impoverished, neglected and abused, but knew a great destiny awaited. She had no idea her life would take the turns it would, or deliver her from fear and guilt to triumph and unconditional love. A high school dropout turned model actress, Smith married a popular Canadian entertainer and built a life together traveling across two countries while becoming entrenched in the Las Vegas celebrity community. Linda had achieved a pinnacle she never thought possible—and then it all came crashing down.When Linda gave birth to a Down syndrome baby, she was certain life as they knew it was over, but instead, their son Christopher became a catalyst that catapulted Linda onto even bigger stages. Behind the glitz and glamour of the Strip, she produced charity events and concerts for a cherished disability organization, learning the job of fundraiser among millionaires, mobsters, and city movers-and-shakers. She became one of the nation’s most successful fundraisers, raising over half a billion dollars for disability causes, but her most cherished role was as a mother, seeing Chris exceed all expectations and become a force that changed not just her life, but their entire world.

Unwanted is a moving, poignant and inspiring book courtesy of the author Linda Smith who throughout her book narrates her story with the hope of helping others and it is one of the most incredible books I have read in a long time. Unwanted is an eye-opening book and will undoubtedly move its readers from start to finish. The journey the reader is taken on is emotional, sometimes upsetting, but it is an inspiring story above all that will move and touch its readers from start to finish. Unwanted is a unique book because it is a memoir that is also laced with self-help themes and will undoubtedly resonate with parents of children with a disability.

Unwanted is an enlightening, honest, and incredible memoir/self-help book courtesy of an exceptional woman. In Unwanted, the reader will read about the author Linda Smith and Linda will take readers on the journey of her life. Linda had a tough start to life, living in poverty and neglected, but Linda was destined for great things, and when she met and married a Canadian entertainer, this becomes a reality. Linda reached great success living the lifestyle many wishes for, but this all changed when Linda gave birth to a baby with Down syndrome. However, although certain aspects of Linda’s life changed, many parts changed for the better and Linda went on to even greater things with her son Christopher. Linda went on to host charity events, fundraisers, and so much more, and Linda is considered one of the nation’s most successful fundraisers because of how incredible she has done. Linda’s story is a poignant and moving one and shows you that a mother’s love is endless and you can always achieve what you want to in life and be kind, and this book lovers is the premise of the incredible Unwanted!

Linda Smith’s story is emotional but mostly inspiring, and I thank Linda so much for sharing her story with us readers as this book will undoubtedly help many readers. Linda Smith is an incredible woman for many reasons, but one of the reasons she is so wonderful is because she brazenly shares her story to help others. I adore how Linda did not hold back on the details of hardships, and it makes for profound reading. The reader won’t be able not to admire Linda and the other women featured in the book for all that they have been through and their journey. So if you are a reader who loves to get lost in stories full of ups and downs that are incredibly moving and inspirational, then Unwanted is for you!

Overall Unwanted, is an incredibly inspirational, informative, and honest tale. It takes a lot for a person to be so honest and to tell their tale, so I admire Linda for doing just this and sharing her tale in the hope that they can help others. As Unwanted is one of the most inspirational tales I have ever read, I have no choice but to award this incredible book a dazzling five stars as it truly deserves it! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers; you won’t regret it!

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