We are Voulhire: A New Arrival under Great Skies, Matthew Tysz

“There’s a difference between knowing evil and seeing it, living in its midst, and sometimes, in a way, having to be part of it. It does things to the mind, leads one to doubt. As king of Voulhire for twenty-five years, I find myself surrounded by doubt.”

A humble immigrant, a refugee from a war-torn land, has inherited property in the rich and powerful land of Voulhire. He is anxious to begin his life and show his gratitude to his new land, but the kingdom of Voulhire is busy with problems that lay deep beneath its perfect surface.

In the far reaches of uninhabitable realms lies the Riva Rohavi, a host of rebels who dance in wild step as they slaughter all who contribute to the prosperity of the land they so despise.

And a few short miles south of Voulhire’s shores is an island guarded by an armada of ships. They are guarding a prisoner, who is perhaps the most powerful wizard in human history. There he waits, waiting for his perfect moment.

The king wants to safeguard his nation, but he requires the help of the Mianoran knights. But the first knight is a corrupt and pedantic philanderer who sees both the kingdom and life itself as nothing more than a game.

These are the times in which the wide-eyed and grateful refugee Galen Bray arrives by boat to Voulhire, vowing to do right by his new people, no matter what it takes.

We are Voulhire is a novel I was desperate to read ever since discovering it and caught my attention right away thanks to its description which alludes to a war-torn land and an uprising of rebels which intrigued me. Now and then a reader will come across that one book that blows them away, it is a somewhat generic term, but that is what We are Voulhire did to me. That is why I am already going to recommend We are Voulhire to you lovely readers, and yes, it may be early on in my review, but We are Voulhire is a novel not to be missed!

We are Voulhire for me was thrilling, captivating and addictive right from the start and I felt this from beginning to end. We are Voulhire was captivating to me from the start thanks to the unique premise of the story and the bewitching literature courtesy of the author, Matthew Tysz who from the beginning hooked me with his unique story that was unlike anything I have read before. It is rare to find a refreshing fantasy novel, and it is even more challenging to discover a fantasy story that does not rely on gimmicks and ridiculous action sequences! We are Voulhire does have action-packed moments; however, they are tasteful and in no way gimmicky which is always fantastic in a book!

We are Voulhire is a breathtaking novel that will introduce the reader to the many characters throughout the book including an immigrant, a powerful wizard and a few more. The reader will be introduced to an immigrant who has inheritied property in Voulhire, the most powerful land in this fantasy novel and although he is excited, Voulhire comes with many complications and he will soon learn this. The reader will also meet a host of rebels living by Riva Rohavi, and they are ruthless and brutal to whoever supports the prosperity of a land they hate. This is just a short premise of this sensational book but if you want to know more then read this book to find out!

The premise of We are Voulhire is exceptional, original and unlike anything I have read before. I loved the many themes and elements explored throughout the book, and all themes are explored by Tysz wonderfully, and he does this by lacing these interesting themes throughout the text flawlessly and weaving them with the story. The result of this makes We are Voulhire a highly addictive and fascinating read that is never once lackluster or predictable.

Matthew Tysz is a phenomenal writer who knows how to grasp his reader’s attention from the first page. Tysz instead of writing long, drawn-out builds up which are commonly found in fantasy novels, decides to ditch this approach and thrust his reader into the heart of the story straight away so that the reader is instantly captivated and immersed. I personally love this approach, what is the point of having a long build-up with little excitement? This is only necessary if the author in question can’t develop the characters in the story quickly, but with We are Voulhire, the reader will not encounter this issue because of Tysz and his exceptional literature.

Matthew Tysz is not only a brilliant writer for his ability to captivate the reader’s attention straight away, but he is also an excellent author for his ability to lace exceptional twists and turns throughout his story that genuinely had me shocked at points! The combination of Tysz’s shocking twists and his explanatory powers will immerse the reader in the story and make them be able to visualize every detail, no matter how small.

Overall We are Voulhire is a thrilling, compelling and thought-provoking novel that will easily entertain readers for many days and nights and so I, of course, have to award this stellar gem of a book five stars!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much, I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

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Matthew Tysz

What a wonderful review of my story! Thank you so much Aimee Ann for such a heartfelt and eloquent insight for your readers into my story. I should add that my story now (finally) features a professionally-crafted map of the world of Voulhire. Thank you all for having a look at this review and at my book!