This Does Not Leave This House, Julie Coons

How does a little girl survive an abusive mother, Catholic school, rape, and a near-death experience? 

Raised by an abusive, narcissistic mother (who once tried to trick her into having an abortion), Julie Coons was also raped in college by a stranger and later married an abusive man who threatened to kill her if she ever tried to leave. 

Suffering from physical and mental torment resulting in very low self-esteem, Julie often felt so completely alone during the many struggles of her life that she tried to take her own life. 

This book is her true story—telling all the secrets she was never allowed to tell to encourage and motivate others to heal their own lives and break the cycle of abuse. 

Her story shows that there is hope and life after abuse. 

Now that the secrets are finally out, Julie has found freedom. 

So can you. 

This Does Not Leave This House is a moving, poignant and inspiring story courtesy of the author Julie Coons who throughout her book narrates the story of her life and what the readers reads is eye-opening as well as incredibly moving. The journey the reader is taken on is emotional, sometimes upsetting but inspiring one that will move and touch its readers from start to finish.

This Does Not Leave This House is an enlightening, honest, and incredible memoir/self-help book courtesy of an exceptional woman. Julie’s tale is harrowing, poignant, and beautiful, and she will take her readers on the journey of her life and how she found hope again after her many years of abuse. The result of this book is touching as well as inspiring and will inspire many readers, and so I have to implore everybody to read this impressive book as you will not regret it.

This Does Not Leave This House is a phenomenal book that will introduce the reader to the narrator and focus of the story, Julie Coons. Angelo has experienced sexual, physical, and emotional abuse throughout her life; however, she has found a way to overcome her past abuse and to help others, and she does this in her superb book. Julie shares in her book that her past traumas, fueled her to overcome her abuse and live a happy life, and she uses her insight and wisdom to help others who have experienced trauma. However, even if you have not experienced trauma, you can still be inspired by Julie’s story. Julie throughout her book will share every monumental moment in her life, and what led her to find happiness again, and the journey is incredibly moving and one that should not be missed.

Julie Coons’s story is one of the most shocking but inspirational stories I have ever read or even heard of. Julie’s journey was so drastic, and although the events throughout this book are hard-hitting, the primary feeling associated with this book is inspiration as Julie’s courage and determination to pursue happiness and overcome her circumstances and find peace is truly beautiful.

Julie is an incredible woman for many reasons, but one of the reasons she is so wonderful is because she brazenly shares her story to help readers and to speak her truth. I adore how Julie did not hold back on the details of hardships, she poignantly writes about all the difficulties she has endured, and it makes for profound reading. The reader won’t be able to not admire Julie for all that she has been through and all that she has accomplished; she indeed is an inspirational woman, and I adored her tale.

Overall This Does Not Leave This House is an incredibly inspirational and honest tale. It takes a lot for a person to be so honest and to tell their story, so I admire Julie for doing just this and sharing her story in the hope that she can help others. As This Does Not Leave This House is one of the most inspirational tales I have ever read, I have no choice but to award this incredible book a dazzling five stars as it truly deserves it!

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