The Young Samaritan, J. Schuyler Sprowles

The Young Samaritan is inspired by a single passage from the Gospel of Mark. This coming-of-age adventure tells of Joshua, a Samaritan boy, who fears his life is in danger and is forced to flee home. In this extraodinary journey, Joshua endures a harsh and unexpected world as heartbreaking as it is joyful. From a mysterious woman who delivers a haunting vision, a wild dog that curiously stays by his side and a reclusive uncle who hides from the world, Joshua finds uncommon love in a forsaken land. Late one night he is awakened by an unusual band of sojourners led by a man they call Rabbi. Many say he is the Messiah. Despite their efforts to eventually move on without him, Joshua refuses to be left behind. In time, the men allow this strong-willed boy to join them. Little does Joshua understand that he has embarked on a transformational journey that leads to the cross and beyond.

The Young Samaritan is a captivating and thought-provoking Biblical tale that will have its readers turning the pages with haste into the early hours of the morning. As I began to read The Young Samaritan, I immediately knew that this was going to be an addictive read and now that I have finished the novel, I can happily write that the book is just this! It is a wonderful and poignant tale that captivated me with its heart-warming moments and phenomenal literature courtesy of author J. Schuyler Sprowles.

If you are a reader who loves being taken on a journey that is full of enthralling moments that are memorable as well as astounding, then you will love The Young Samaritan, so do not miss out! If you need more convincing, then please continue to read my review to learn more about the stellar novel!

The Young Samaritan is an incredible novel that will introduce the reader to the protagonist of the novel, Joshua, a Samaritan boy whose life is changed forever when he is forced to flee his home. The reader will follow Joshua as he witnesses and experiences the harshness of the world but also the joy that can be found too and it only changes more when he comes to know and follow Jesus. What follows is a moving tale in which Joshua faces many challenges but also learns many important lessons along the way and learns and sees things beyond his imagination. It makes for an unforgettable tale about the Good News and this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible The Young Samaritan!

The story of The Young Samaritan is a stellar one that had me intrigued from the very start. I love any story with a Biblical theme, so I knew from the beginning that The Young Samaritan would deliver thanks to this theme and other great ones, and wow did it! J. Schuyler Sprowles is an incredible author because he manages to pull the reader into the novel, captivate them, and compel them to read from beginning to end.

The Young Samaritan is incredibly captivating thanks to its incredible moments laced throughout as well as the author’s stellar writing that compelled me to read from the very beginning. J. Schuyler Sprowles can only be described as a literary talent as he knows how to captivate his readers from the start. Sprowles too is a writer who does not hold back, he thrusts his readers into the story early on with ease, and keeps them turning the pages thanks to his excellent descriptive powers!

Overall The Young Samaritan is a thought-provoking, moving, and poignant story that will easily entertain readers for many days and nights, so I of course have to award the poignant book five stars! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers, you won’t regret it!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! Please have a read of the preview and if you find that you have loved what you have read then all you need to do is follow the links below!

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