The Tiefling: Angel Kissed, Devil Touched, Barbara T. Cerny

Branan Lachlan is transformed by the devil, betrayed by God, and made to battle demons with naught but his Scottish wit…

The soul of half an angel.
The body of a demon.
The devil on his tail.
When the devil came for Branan Lachlan and turned him into a demon, he expected to train the young Scotsman to be the antithesis of God and his own damned apprentice. Cursed at twenty-one, Branan fought his demonic character armed only with an iconic sword and an unwavering light in his belly. Plagued by an internal battle of good versus evil, one part of him playing against the other, he is destined to walk Scotland forever, neither living nor dying.
Until now.
Turning his brother to save Earc’s life, Branan returns to the fold of his tiny family to lead them on a strange journey through the devil’s world on Earth. He is helped by Fionna Frazier, a young peasant girl with a shocking secret of her own.
The trio travels around Macbeth’s Scotland trying to escape from the devil’s spawn, Raum. They meet vampires, druids, murderers, and a harpy, all which add adventure and demand they make choices between good versus evil. In the end, will they win the epic battle with Raum and return to God or will they lose their souls to Lucifer forever?

The Tiefling: Angel Kissed, Devil Touched … where do I begin book lovers? How about I start by saying that The Tiefling is undoubtedly a novel that should not be missed by anybody! As the story that unfolds throughout it is genius, flawlessly written, and wildly entertaining. When I read the premise of The Tiefling, I knew instantly that it was a book I had to read as well as a book I would love, and this is thanks to the themes alluded to throughout the premise with a strong one being thrilling moments and adventure!

Adventure/supernatural books in general, are my go-to read but I love even more when they feature more themes than just these two and so when I started to read The Tiefling and learned that the book has this, I was thrilled, and it made me turn the pages even faster! That is why I already have to recommend you lovely readers have a read of The Tiefling, however, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more!

The Tiefling: Angel Kissed, Devil Touched is a stunning piece of literature that will take its readers on a journey like no other. The Tiefling is a multi-layered and action-packed novel that will introduce you to the protagonist of the story, Branan Lachlan. Branan when he was five years old, felt a light inside of him and he also heard Angels and so Branan grows up believing an Angel is inside of him. However, when much older, he is attacked by a demon that turns him into something known as a Tiefling… an immortal monster that must feed on human flesh for all eternity.

However, despite this curse, Branan tries to do good and to only feed on animal flesh and to protect his family still. The demon that changed him however taunts him and he will have to find his light inside of him to stay strong and this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible The Tiefling!

The story of The Tiefling is an intriguing one and one that left me shocked at many points. I am not talking about a small amount of shock to book lovers but rather a massive shock because The Tiefling provides a host of them and they are big ones! The twists and turns and the numerous shocking moments throughout the story thrilled me from start to finish and kept me entertained and turning the pages with haste.

Barbara T. Cerny is an author who has written a fantastic story and come up with a brilliant plot. Cerny from the very start sets the tone of the novel; she lets her readers know that this is going to be a thrilling but dark and atmospheric book thanks to her literature and wow was it! Cerny is an exceptional writer because she grabs her reader’s attention from the start very quickly and keeps them engrossed until the end. There are no long build-ups that drag in The Tiefling; instead, the reader will be thrown into the thick of the story quickly, and the result of this is exciting!

To conclude my thoughts on the incredible novel that is The Tiefling, I would say The Tiefling is a superb novel that has everything a reader would want in a story; it has a thrilling narrative, magnificent plot development, and excellent characterization that will thrill and excite its reader! So of course, I have to award this impressive piece of literature five stars! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers, you won’t regret it!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! Please have a read of the preview and if you find that you have loved what you have read then all you need to do is follow the links below!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

P.S. Below I have attached some links about the author and this wonderful book so if you would like to learn more about the author and the book then please have a browse. Thank you so much again for reading book lovers!

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