The Riss Gamble, C.R. Daems

A young girl dreams of seeing the stars and meeting aliens. Her chance comes in the form of a project offering a college education, commissioning in the SAS Fleet, and a partnership with an alien. She successfully qualifies and wins one of the coveted ten positions.
Of Course everything comes with a price–the alien is a parasite that inhabits the body and mind and is there for life. Is it a dream or nightmare come true–maybe both?

The Riss Gamble by C.R. Daems is a thrilling and thought-provoking work of science-fiction! C.R.Daems’ The Riss Gamble is filled with action, and unimaginable consequences as Nadya begins her tumultuous symbiotic journey. I was enthralled in the storyline, fascinated by the intricacies of Nadya and Thalia’s coexistence with one another in a world that shuns their very existence. The Riss Gamble by C.R. Daems will reach across the vast expanse of science-fiction lovers and is sure to amaze and stun readers with its stellar tale!

Nadya has always dreamed of the stars, being among them. She dreamt of exploring the vast unknown and meeting various forms of alien life. Her dreams come to fruition under the guise of the SAS Fleet and their program offering a college education. Little does she know; she isn’t the only one with dreams as they attempt to bond alien symbiotes human volunteers, Nadya and her parasitic partner Thalia become part of the militaries agenda. Nadya is branded for successfully bonding with Thalia. Her face is marked as a sign that she is a Riss-human. When exposed to the world’s bigotry, war seems a comforting escape.

The Riss Gamble by C.R. Daems is a remarkable science fiction novel that stands amongst its peers as a true Titan! It is built on a foundation of an incredibly deep story, a vividly fascinating world, and masterfully evolved characters. The Riss Gamble by C.R. Daems is not a novel you can easily put down; this is a novel that captivates and excites from the beginning until the exciting end! Marked and treated much the same as a leper, Nadya, and Thalia suffer vile treatment and conditions. Thrust into a world that doesn’t understand them, hostility and danger are reality for the newly bonded Riss-human. The Riss Gamble by C.R. Daems is a sensational work of fiction that took simply one page to have me completely enthralled in this outstanding tale of perseverance and the true cost of some dreams!

C.R. Daems has woven an intricate story that takes us, adventurous readers, on a whirlwind journey! I was bewildered by the astounding attention to detail beautifully crafting a stunning piece of science fiction. C.R. Daems captivates all readers, painting his mesmerizing novel in hues we all can recognize. C.R. Daems pulls us in with his quick-witted well thought writing style; he brilliantly builds the tension while dazzling us with his fast-paced narrative! Daems flawlessly engages us with phenomenal, and sometimes humorous, inner dialog between Nadya and Thalia which I couldn’t get enough of! C.R. Daems is an unmatched science fiction author who has truly created an enjoyable experience with his unique storyline that should not be missed!

The Riss Gamble by C.R. Daems has made an instant fan out of me from its fast-paced action, hilarious dialog between human and Riss, and heart-rending accounts of bigotry and hatred. I profoundly enjoyed the, sometimes comical, internal interactions between Nadya and Thalia as they learned more about one another, their dreams, desires, and motivations. The Riss Gamble by C.R. Daems takes us, beloved readers, on the ride of a lifetime filled with twists and turns you will never see coming! I was gripping the pages, making my mind race in anticipation, how will everything transpire and how will the choices made affect our Riss-human duo. The Riss Gamble by C.R. Daems is an outstanding piece of science fiction literature I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly award five stars!

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