The Diminishing of Slime, Nicole S. Brown

The Diminishing of Slime is another testimony of Author Nicole S. Brown. This poetry journal is the third book of the All About Slime series which includes All About Slime and The Refusal to Return to Slime. It’s a godly purification of drama to be revealed to many nations that God can turn a mess into a message. The Diminishing of Slime speaks of lack of pursuit of Author Nicole S. Brown in that she is finally allowed to be with Jesus. God intervenes into the situation to reveal that what was thought as counterfeit love is and was actually real love. The top-notch Louisiana attorney who is native of North Chicago allows God to clean up the mess that he made using many entities to regain his friend that he lost for the love of money who that he never claimed to love in efforts to gain worldly success. He finally confesses his wrongs and the women that he married are no longer in his life to hinder what God has and had for him: love purified that comes from the big guy in the sky. Visionary pieces along with some pieces based on actual events are including in this poetry journal. God’s law and man’s law is featured for the slime to be denatured. Attacks go forth toward guilty parties in order for the slime to diminish. This story is not defamatory at all and its sole purpose is for God to get the glory. The only real name that is listed in this book is Author Nicole S. Brown. This is not the average Christian story. It hits real life and it does have language that may not be suitable to the average Christian. The hand of God causes the slime to disappear for testimonies to no longer be negated. The Diminishing of Slime will make you believe that although Satan has tricks up his sleeve that he really is a defeated foe.

The Diminishing of Slime is a moving and thought-provoking poetry journal that will keep readers entertained, captivated, and engrossed from the very first page. Stories of this nature are my favorite type of books to read so when I read the description of The Diminishing of Slime I was sold and knew that I had to read it as well as review it so that all you lovely readers could read about it! Plus, I love the author of The Diminishing of Slime and I know that her literature never disappoints! As I have read and loved a few books by her now and Nicole S. Brown has no problem with charming and delighting me with ease and ensuring I get lost in her tale.

The Diminishing of Slime is another stellar poetry journal courtesy of the talented author Nicole S. Brown. The Diminishing of Slime is the third book in the All About Slime series by Brown which are all deeply moving, thought-provoking, and impactful. In The Diminishing of Slime, Brown once again shares her wonderful and easy-to-read poetry with us readers and discusses God and how his ‘messes’ can be a message which can help you in your pursuit of happiness. This book is to glorify God and shows how he works in our lives and how he can even show you what true love is. All of this is expressed throughout the wonderful story through this poetry journal that can move and inspire you and is another book by Nicole S. Brown that shouldn’t be missed!

The story of The Diminishing of Slime is excellent and incredibly well thought out thanks to Nicole S. Brown, the author of the book. Brown manages to develop her book with wonderful detail and everything is well thought out and planned, and I was impressed by Brown’s flawless ability to do this. As I read The Diminishing of Slime, I immediately was drawn into the book and felt captivated by Brown’s literature, and this is for many reasons. The main reason is that Brown’s literature is beautiful and captivating, and is wonderfully written so that the reader will be able to immerse themselves in the book from beginning to end without difficulty.

While reading The Diminishing of Slime, the reader will be able to feel Brown’s pursuit of literary perfection. Brown’s riveting book keeps the pages turning of their own accord, and it makes for such captivating reading! Brown seamlessly hooks the reader and immediately immerses the reader in her poetry journal through her beautifully moving tale that you won’t be able to forget.

Overall The Diminishing of Slime sends you into a tailspin of an emotionally charged journey packed full of emotive moments that leave you wanting more. Once you pick up The Diminishing of Slime, you won’t be able to put it down…I know I couldn’t! Of course, with such a fantastic piece of literature, I have to award The Diminishing of Slime five stars! So please do have a read of the preview below book lovers, you do not want to miss out!

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