Design For Identity, Jessica Bantom

Design is expression, a service, an act of creativity. But if designers design for everyone, how can there be so little diversity in the profession? In this book, Jessica Bantom examines the implications of design in everyday life, from spaces and products to images and the fashion industry. Too often design concepts are based on assumptions and stereotypes that don’t necessarily reflect customers’ lives and values. Certain company symbols and brands, such as the image of Aunt Jemima, have stirred controversy for years but only recently has there been a corporate social awakening. The demographics of our society are changing and becoming more diverse, yet different perspectives are often ignored unless there’s fallout from public backlash.

Bantom explores the concept of human-centered design that taps into an understanding of identity: how people live, what’s important to them, and what informs their perspectives and experiences. Engaging directly with customers to identify their challenges and working with them to test ideas and solutions is the foundation of human-centered design. It’s vital for businesses to get on board and change outdated mindsets if they want to be successful.

Bantom explains the six habits of culturally competent designers that can make this shift happen, and result in design solutions that resonate with people of diverse backgrounds. She offers a Design for Identity blueprint that honors humanity, celebrates diversity, promotes equity and inclusion, and ensures that the design profession mirrors and keeps up with the realities of our evolving world.

Design For Identity is an informative, incredible, and essential book that will bring new meaning to design and help you in your design journey. Design For Identity is an outstanding book that is highly informative as well as engaging and is full of a wealth of knowledge and research courtesy of the incredible author Jessica Bantom. Design For Identity is an entertaining book, but you may be thinking “How can a book about design be entertaining?” and I would say that it is entertaining because the author from start to finish keeps her readers hooked with her fresh outlook on the topics explored in the book and the incredible, intriguing facts and passages she writes.

That is why Design For Identity is so much more than a knowledgeable guide on design and how to evolve; it is instead a book that will make you want to read and will charm you with the author’s passion and fantastic insight, and that is why I already have to recommend this gem of a book!

Design For Identity is a phenomenal book courtesy of author Jessica Bantom who offers a fresh perspective on design. Bantom shares in her book that with changing demographics in society, comes the need for ‘human-centered’ design which explores designing in a way that touches diverse demographics. Bantom shares that design firms and designers need to evolve and ask important questions that identify what these demographics really want and how to make it a reality. It makes Design For Identity a phenomenal read that is incredibly useful for any designer and business in this field that will not only help you to become more successful but help demographics too by being more inclusive and making demographics feel represented which makes Design For Identity a powerful read that shouldn’t be missed.

Design For Identity is a sensational book by an incredible author. The author is clearly educated and talented because Design For Identity is an in-depth book full of a wealth of information that will astound and charm readers. Although Design For Identity does have a lot of information laced between its pages, it is in no way ever confusing or too much. Instead, the author perfectly combines facts with entertainment, and the result is a compelling, informative book that should not be missed!

Jessica Bantom throughout Design For Identity explores many topics thoroughly, and the result is eye-opening and incredibly useful. Bantom has also managed to accomplish the almost impossible… she has managed to write a book that is not only informative and insightful but also entertaining! I have to admit that I was surprised by just how enjoyable the book was; I believe this is thanks to the author’s easy-to-read, fluent writing style, and her ability to keep her readers engaged from the start with her discussions.

Overall, Design For Identity is a fascinating and informative guide that everybody should read. As the book is genuinely brilliant and written flawlessly I, of course, have to award the book five stars! So please, have a read of Design For Identity and be informed as well as entertained!

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