Maelstrom, D.J. Schuette

Ten years ago, five-year-old Tommy Lange disappeared without a trace from his front yard in Oceanside, California. Now his big sister, Addison Lange, is an Agent-in-Training with the FBI. She has a particular set of skills, honed over a decade of searching for her brother, and she’s about to unleash them in one final, desperate attempt to find him. But what she discovers is far more than she can handle by herself.

Special Agent and profiler Nick Keegan, suffering the devastating aftermath of his encounter with serial killer Aleksandr Zorin two months earlier, is compelled to help Addie in the search for her missing brother. 

But Zorin isn’t yet done with Nicholas Keegan. 

The Maelstrom awaits.

Maelstrom is the chilling second installment of D.J.Schuette’s spine-tingling Chaos series – a series that should not be missed! Maelstrom seeps in filling us, fervent readers, with an all-consuming sense of dread; I anxiously turned each page of Maelstrom, looking around every corner for danger lurking in the shadows. Maelstrom goes beyond any run-of-the-mill mystery novel, riveting and sensational, D.J. Schuette’s electrifying novel takes us on a mind-bending ride that will raise the hair on any readers neck! Addison Lang, an FBI Agent in training, has been sharpening a particular skill set for ten years now since her brother was a little five-year-old boy in their front yard. Tommy Lange would be fifteen now, a decade after he disappeared from his Oceanside, California home. Left without a clue, Addie has relentlessly searched for her younger brother all this time. Desperate to find Tommy, Addison makes one final attempt, but what she uncovers is too much for even her to handle on her own. Nicholas Keegan aids Addison in her dire plight, helping to end the decade long search for missing Tommy. The Special Agent and Profiler still suffers from his recent encounter with Aleksandr Zorin, the serial killer. It has been two short months, Aleksandr Zorin still has more in store for Special Agent Nicholas Keegan. Can Addison, with the help of Special Agent Nick Keegan, unearth the truth behind her brother’s disappearance? D.J. Schuette’s Maelstrom had my heart pounding in my chest until the very end; I was compelled forward, pulse beating in my ears, as Addie tries to unfurl the mystery of her missing brother. Aided by the still reeling profiler and Special Agent Nick Keegan, Addison Lang hopes to complete her life’s dedication to finding her brother. Maelstrom by D.J. Schuette is an exquisitely crafted mystery novel that is brimming with magnificent characterization. D.J. Schuette’s Maelstrom flawlessly melds unmatched storytelling, with an eerie undertone, and no small amount of suspense creating a thrilling novel that will captivate any reader! D.J. Schuette is an unparalleled author, spinning a twisted and vividly detailed narrative that mesmerizes us readers from the start! Jumping straight from the pages, D.J. Schuette pulls us into the dark world he has so eloquently constructed. I was compelled by Addie’s need, adopting hers as my own, I myself had to know what became of Tommy. It is no small task to engage an audience this thoroughly, to captivate and beguile all in one entrancing gesture. D.J. Schuette does this and so much more with ease and fluidity in his suspense riddled novel Maelstrom, which shows what a phenomenally talented author he is! D.J. Schuette’s Maelstrom is a masterfully crafted thrilling novel that stands tall on its own glistening even brighter after enjoying Chaos; it’s predecessor. Maelstrom by D.J. Schuette has an everlasting ambiance of suspense magnificently woven into the fabric of the storyline itself! I could not get enough of Maelstrom by, the incredibly talented author, D.J. Schuette and his book is a remarkably breathtaking piece of literature I profoundly enjoyed having immersed myself in. I unequivocally and wholeheartedly award Maelstrom by D.J, Schuette five stars!

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