Imbwa, The Story of the Dog and His Harsh Master, K.A. Mulenga

Imbwa the Rottweiler and his next-door neighbour Galu the Great Dane are best friends. They love going to the park with their human masters because it means they get to see each other and have fun playing together.
One day, the two friends meet in the park as usual and begin a conversation about their respective masters. While Galu’s master is always kind and gentle towards him, Imbwa’s master’s approach is rough and tough. Galu tells Imbwa how he is always happy, because of the way his master treats him. Imbwa, on the other hand, shares with Galu how living with his overly strict and unloving master is making him thoroughly miserable. As he chats with his best friend, he also realises that his master’s methods, which are intended to teach him learn life lessons and prevent him from repeating his mistakes, are actually teaching him nothing and only making him make even more mistakes.
Together, the two canine friends hatch a plan to help Galu. What are they planning and will their plan work out? Will Galu find the peace and happiness that he craves? Read on to find out!
The story of Imbwa and Galu will appeal to children because of its relatable themes. Firstly, it teaches young readers that sharing one’s problems with trustworthy friends can help one to feel better, reinforcing the concepts of “communication is key” and “a problem shared is a problem halved”.
This delightful tale also contains valuable life lessons about how mistreating others can cost you dearly and lead to isolation and loneliness, and how kindness towards others can go a long way to ensuring your happiness and that of those around you.

Imbwa, The Story of the Dog and His Harsh Master is a wonderful and incredible, and poignant children’s book that will keep young readers entertained and captivated from page one! The sensational children’s book is a book that is adorned with important life lessons for young readers that will entertain and inform your children at the same time! Thanks to the brilliant story that is written between the pages of Imbwa! That is why I already recommend this book however if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more!

Imbwa is a beautiful, memorable, and unique children’s book that will teach young readers about the mistreatment of others through a captivating tale and how mistreating someone can lead to isolation and loneliness in the person – even if the intentions are pure. The book focuses on the fact that kindness is key to everything and that being kind goes a long way. The reader will learn this through the two main characters, Imbwa and Galu, a Rottweiler and a Great Dane who compare their masters and learn they are very different and one, a little harsher than the other and this is the short premise of the incredible Imbwa!

The journey the reader will encounter in Imbwa is wonderful and will have young readers captivated thanks to the illustrations and the fast-paced journey and of course the incredible writing! It is a unique and adorable story that I believe all children will adore! And that is why I hope young readers read this book as it truly is a charming and heart-warming tale!

K.A. Mulenga is the incredibly talented author of Imbwa who clearly knows how to write unique but engaging stories! It was evident to me from the start that Mulenga is a passionate writer who surely loves entertaining children with his literature and putting a smile on children’s faces.

Imbwa is a fast-paced story that flows perfectly from beginning to end. With children’s books, you have to make sure they are always captivated because children’s attention waivers quite quickly so the fact that the author managed to grasp my children’s attention from beginning to end is saying something! Mulenga is a talented author whose children’s book is simply stunning; his words leap off the page effortlessly so that this book is fast and enjoyable.

To conclude my thoughts on this charming children’s book, I would say if you are looking for the perfect children’s book, then this stunning book is for you! Your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends children… all children will adore this book! So I implore all of you lovely readers to buy this. Imbwa gets five stars from me!

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