Humongous (& Cool) Words for Kids, SB Hilarion

After immersing themselves in mantras in I AM Manifesto, young siblings Hao Finley and Sabine Yi Lee are on their journey of seeking knowledge from around the world. In Humongous (& Cool) Words For Kids, these philomaths not only learn about words from their own and other cultures and countries, they absorb new facts about stuff they thought they knew. Name the subject, they’re sharing: science and math (big, uncomplicated check!), different languages (“oui, sí, shì” check!), environmental awareness (layered-atmosphere check!), etiquette (thank you, check!), music (treble clef check!), international cuisine (lots of yummy checks!), and many more. Shared with wit.

Humongous (& Cool) Words for Kids is a profound and informative educational book that will charm young readers and educate them at the same time! You may be thinking “how can an educational book for children be entertaining?!” but trust me book lovers when I write that it is an excellent book that is full of many intriguing facts that will make children, and even adults feel pure enjoyment! One of the best selling qualities about Humongous (& Cool) Words for Kids is the fact that it is incredibly unique and never before have I read a book of this nature so to read a book about this topic, in-depth, from somebody who has a wealth of knowledge, ensured that even I, an adult was entertained from start to finish! Already I would recommend Humongous (& Cool) Words for Kids to all of those that have children or know children within your family or friendship groups as it is educational and entertaining and should not be missed! However! If you need more convincing, then continue to read to learn more about the fantastic Humongous (& Cool) Words for Kids!

Humongous (& Cool) Words for Kids is a fascinating book written by the author SB Hilarion and Hilarion throughout her expertly written book, will take her readers on a journey through the alphabet! Hilarion is a talented woman, and she clearly has a wealth of knowledge on words, their meanings, their pronounciations and even many more topics as all of this is explored in this interesting book! The reader will follow Hao Finley Lee and Sabine Yi Lee as they both learn they are philomaths, people who seek and love knowledge. And so in the book them and the reader will go through every letter of the alphabet and learn many interesting facts along the way while being entertained and so this book really should not be missed!

Humongous (& Cool) Words for Kids is an excellent book for children that is full of crucial knowledge for children which will keep the young reader of the book engaged. SB Hilarion is clearly passionate about educating young readers, and that is undoubtedly clear in her literature because from beginning to end she enthusiastically writes about the topics explored and in turn it keeps the reader hooked from start to end.

The journey Hilarion takes her readers on is incredible and will open many readers eyes to the alphabet and so much more. Hilarion explores many topics all thoroughly, and the result is eye-opening as well as incredibly entertaining! I loved how Hilarion did this in Humongous (& Cool) Words for Kids and decided to not only inform her readers but also entertain them!

Humongous (& Cool) Words for Kids has managed to accomplish the almost impossible… she has managed to write an educational book that is not only informative and useful but also entertaining! I have to admit that I was surprised by just how enjoyable the book was; I believe this is thanks to Hilarion’s easy to read, fluent writing style and her ability to keep her readers engaged from the start with the discussion of new topics.

As I am a huge lover of this book and think not only the authors writing but the wealth of information is incredible, I have no choice but to award this interesting book a stellar five stars because it’s utterly brilliant! If you are a reader who is interested in the topics explored in Humongous (& Cool) Words for Kids, then I recommend that you read this book as it is remarkable and will keep you turning the pages for hours on end!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much, I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!

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