Hippie Chick: Coming of Age in the ’60s, Ilene English

In Hippie Chick, a rebellious teenager finds her mother dead in the bathroom. To save her from living alone with a difficult father, her older sister sends her a one-way plane ticket to leave New Jersey. Landing in San Francisco, she is thrust into a lifestyle way beyond what she is ready for, and that challenges all previous notions of how one behaves. It is 1963, and we are brought along as Ilene becomes immersed in the unfolding of the sixties during the earliest days of sexual freedom, psychedelic drugs, the jazz scene, and rock ’n’ roll. This is a deeply personal story of how one young woman manages to survive and even to thrive in the face of the whirlwind of experiences coming at her. It is filled with a rich tapestry of moments that run the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous, and everything in between.

Hippie Chick: Coming of Age in the ’60s is a poignant, moving, and inspirational memoir that will take readers on a thought-provoking journey while entertaining them at the same time. Hippie Chick is written by author Ilene English and Ilene throughout Hippie Chick will take her readers on the journey of her life and predominantly through the ’60s and brazenly shares what she went through and experienced with us readers, and it makes for an insightful, fascinating book that should not be missed!

Memoirs, combined with poignant themes are my favorite type of books to read. I adore memoirs because they give the reader insight into a person’s fascinating life and when the reader is granted this insight the reader can learn so much from their story, and many readers will be able to learn a lot from Ilene’s story in Hippie Chick. The reader in Hippie Chick will be whisked away on a journey and Ilene is so brilliantly descriptive about what she does that the reader will feel as if they are right there next to her, learning the life lessons she learns along the way and experiencing every moment she does. The reader, thanks to the author’s impeccable descriptions will feel as if they are right there in the ’60s amongst the rock n roll, Jazz and psychedelic drugs and thanks to the author’s honesty and exploration of the experiences that shaped her life, the reader won’t be able to resist falling in love with Hippie Chick, and that is why I already have to recommend this gem of a book to read.

Hippie Chick is an exceptional book written by Ilene English, and throughout it, she will share her journey and the experiences that shaped her life. Ilene English will chronicle her journey from New Jersey to San Francisco and will bring us along through the year 1963 where drugs, rock n roll, and sexual freedom was just rolling out. Along the way, the reader is granted a real-life look into what it was like during the 60’s while also following a woman on her coming of age tale, and it makes for an incredible book that I would recommend to everybody so do not miss out book lovers!

The profoundness in Hippie Chick is sensational, and many readers will feel a host of different emotions while reading this book. Ilene effortlessly inspires thoughts and feelings in her readers as well as compel them to read from beginning to end. I found myself reading Hippie Chick at an alarming rate because it was captivating as well as engrossing; Ilene’s incredible literature will have you turning the pages frantically, and I adored how she was able to do this. As well as this Ilene has written her story in an incredibly compelling and honest way; her beautiful descriptive writing will make the reader feel as if you are right there alongside her, this is how I felt, and because I did, I felt as if I was with Ilene on her journey and that for me was incredibly enjoyable.

Ilene English is a remarkable person for two reasons; the first is because she is honest and brave to write her story, and the second is because she is an exceptionally talented author. Ilene’s excellent writing is a joy to read and flows beautifully throughout so that the reader will feel compelled to read non-stop. The life lessons learned from Ilene in Hippie Chick will help readers better navigate through their own life, and that is so beautiful to me because it is rare to come across a memoir that will not only entertain but also help readers.

Overall Hippie Chick is an insightful, informative, inspiring book and I would say if you are a reader who is interested in the topics explored in Hippie Chick, then this book is for you, and so Hippie Chick gets five stars from me!

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