Forgotten Precursors, Nabil Hourani

This is a book of educational essays dedicated to people curious to learn about distinguished engineers and scientists whose quest was to discover, build and transform the world. Its chapters, filled with photos, sketches, and quotes, bring to life the visual and written legacy of these geniuses. Several “sidebar” reveal examples of the earth’s own spectacular formation or of an engineered structure built around it with passion and care.

A witty physicist, Richard Feynman, had both the scientific knowledge and the social charisma to discover and explain the basic physics of matter with its infinitesimal composition and extraordinary power. This scientist however gave his logical opinions on many other subjects of interest to society.

It took the imagination and insight of George Lemaître, to propose the theory of the birth and expansion of the universe, based on preceding observations and personal findings. He did not find in his faith the philosophical obstacle or thoughtless argument against the magnificent facts of the world.

Jean Muller combined Art and Technology in designing and constructing some of the most marvelous, long-span, and lasting bridge structures, worldwide. He conceived and built structures that bridge nature with a graceful outline and with a personal care.

Then comes the story of two soil engineers, Arthur and Leo Casagrande, who emigrated from war-torn Europe, although thru different circumstances and at various periods of time. They established the foundation of a young engineering specialty to solve old problems; earth slope failures, settlement of buildings, and water seepage thru dams. Their story is a dual testimony of the American dream.

Another essay examines educators and engineers, such as Coulomb and Rankine, who, applying novel theories and calculations and performing daring field constructions and tests, challenged themselves to set up and confirm the rules for the design and construction of earth retaining walls.

Finally, the appeal to the study of earth strata brings forward the story of two scientists and men of God; a beatified Bishop of the 17th century and practicing priest of the 21st century. Steno and Skehan, born in unlike times and continents, were however gifted with an innate aptitude and a divine blessing that guided and inspired scientists and laypeople around them.

Forgotten Precursors is a standout, informative, and captivating educational/autobiographical/history book that deserves to be on every reader’s bookshelves! In Forgotten Precursors, the reader will learn about some incredible people throughout history that have been forgotten however the exceptional author, Nabil Hourani in Forgotten Precursors, brings them back to life and wow, it made for a truly stellar read book lovers! From the start, the reader will find themselves engaged, hooked, and fascinated thanks to the incredible research, knowledge, and literature from the author. Usually, some educational books can be slightly lackluster and boring; however, this is not a problem Forgotten Precursors has, as the author ensures her book is captivating from start to finish! I found myself hooked learning about the incredible people featured, the intriguing facts, and also the author’s passion for the topics. That is why I am already recommending Forgotten Precursors! However, if you need more convincing, then continue to read to learn more!

Forgotten Precursors is a brilliant, unique, and captivating educational book about some incredible engineers and scientists throughout history, many of whom who have been sadly forgotten. However, in Forgotten Precursors, the exceptional author Nabil Hourani brings these incredible people back to life and tells their stories and the work they accomplished in their lives, perfectly, and it makes for a sensational read that should not be missed.

Forgotten Precursors is perfect for those looking to expand their knowledge on some of the most exceptional scientists and engineers that ever lived. Throughout the book, the reader will learn of many scientists and engineers, however, some of those that stood out to me were Jean Muller, Richard Feynman, and George Lemaitre. My favorite person to learn more about was George Lemaitre, as he proposed the ‘theory of the birth and expansion of the universe,’ and as a woman that adores reading about the universe, this was right up my street! Nabil Hourani so effortlessly informed me of him as well as the other people featured in the book, by lacing photographs, quotes, and even beautiful sketches that will perfectly inform us readers of these amazing, but forgotten precursors and this book lovers is the premise of the incredible Forgotten Precursors!

Forgotten Precursors is a fascinating book written by the author Nabil Hourani who, throughout his book, has written flawlessly from start to finish and perfectly informs and captivates us. In Forgotten Precursors, it is evident that Hourani is passionate; he enthusiastically writes about the topics explored throughout the book, and it, in turn, keeps readers hooked! The knowledge Nabil Hourani has managed to lace throughout is simply awe-worthy, and I am really impressed with the level of detail and research laced throughout this book.

Nabil Hourani has written a superb book and is clearly a talented author. In Forgotten Precursors, he will inform you with plenty of information, but also at the same time, never bombard readers with too much information that is confusing or hard to read. Instead, Nabil Hourani perfectly combines facts, with knowledge with entertainment, and that, to me, is the perfect nonfiction read!

To conclude, Forgotten Precursors is a fascinating, informative, and captivating book that I would recommend to any readers, as I truly believe all readers will find something to love in Forgotten Precursors. That is why I, of course, have to award Forgotten Precursors five stars! So be sure to have a read of Forgotten Precursors and keep an eye out for my review for another book by the author!

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